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6 thoughts on “8-Year Old May Lose Arm After Trying to Save Dog from Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Personal injury lawyers, let's face it, get so much negative word. To the point they have jokes made about them.

    But this is an area where personal injury lawyers could rehabilitate their reputations and actually do some good in the world- take on the pit bull industry on behalf of these victims!

    Challenge the pit bull business lobby. Hold pit bull breeders and "rescuers" accountable for the vicious dogs they breed and sell. Hold all these pit bull advocates accountable, like Best Friends, when they tell people that pit bulls are good with children or just like other dogs or just need love to make them ok.

    Personal injury lawyers could be seen as heroes when it comes to pit bull maulings.

  2. I'm going broke giving donations to offset all these medical bills. When are pit bull rescue groups going to pitch in? I guess they are saving all their cash so they can rehab the next mauler.

  3. Here's yet another example that directly contradicts the lie that dog aggression does not equal danger to human life. Pit nutters will throw this girl under the bus and say she was stupid for trying to save her dog in a dog fight. The fact is that most people who actually love their pets and don't view them as just ego extensions will go to great lengths to save their lives, including tangling with a pit bull. Dog aggression equals human danger. Prevent the deed. Ban the breed.

  4. Personal injury lawyers are the way to go, especially in these clear cut cases where the pit was adopted out by a rescue group or shelter. Build "understanding" through liability and this crap will stop!

    And this just in and right on time… A man was bitten by a pit bull adopted out by a shelter within 24 hours of the adoption. The dog has 15 pages of documents supporting his adoptability status. (So much for the viability of screening pit bulls!)

  5. I wonder if this was Jere Alexander's "Beast" which was trafficked through the bowels of the Pit Bull community?

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