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12 thoughts on “Feud Over Aggressive Pit Bull Ends in Gunfire: 1 Killed, 4 Injured

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  1. The laws are just fine (wink, wink!). After the animal bit the children, it was returned to its owner (by law). Then the owner did not keep it confined. The dog killed then family cat. After the neighbor shot the dog (that had been on his porch), the pit bull owner pulled a pit bull sending FOUR victims to the emergency room and himself to the grave.

  2. GewGaw! Man, that man is disgusting! Shooting humans over a stupid vicious dog! Pit nutter nuttiness at it’s finest! I sure hope that the victim isn’t charged with animal cruelty. I’ve seen that happen before.

  3. This story reminds me of a battle with a pit bull owning neighbor I had nearly 20 years ago. After his pit bull attacked my leashed dog in my driveway, I told him that if I saw the dog out again, it was history – I’d smoke his POS pit with a shotgun. (His pit bull actually got the worst of it from my 100 lb Chesapeake, a gentle, happy-go-lucky bear who had never even been in a fight!) The pit owner responded that he would then shoot me in return, as if he planned to let his dog out again; he could do what he wants.

    So, I promised the pit owner that immediately upon the occasion that I shoot his dog, he should get out of Dodge and go into hiding and added, “Thanks for the heads-up xxxhole. On the day I shoot your pit bull, I’ll be coming straight for you. Count on it, dead man.” For the next couple of weeks, whenever I was driving by and saw this guy in his yard with his dog, I would slow my truck, aim my finger at the dog and gesture firing off a round, then point my finger at him and do the same as I drove on.

    Several weeks later, I learned from a neighbor that the pit bull had been seen in the street and going after a neighbors cat. That night, I dumped 40 spent shotgun hulls into a bag and wrote a note on the bag, “I’ve been practicing. I think we’re getting close,” and left the bag on his walkway.

    Within a week, the dirt-bag and his POS pit bull were gone… loaded up and moved away in the dark of night. I bet this guy has his own version about why he moved abruptly, but I know the truth. The cowardly intimidator couldn’t handle a dose of his own medicine.

    Pit bull owners are menacing rejects, regardless of what they might actually say about their reasons for choosing this breed. To my way of thinking, it is fair to menace in return. Be clear – make sure they know where they stand. Make them anxious and fearful. It’s absolutely justified because you’re only returning the favor.

  4. Either their laws regarding dogs stink or the authorities failed to do their job. Would like to know which one. And if they failed to do their job then hopefully there will be a major lawsuit.

  5. The local authorities need to be held accountable for this. They have blood on their hands. They allowed an aggressive, dangerous dog and dog owner to continue to be a threat to the community.

    If the authorities had done their job, this would not have happened.

  6. And this was not a “feud”

    This was a criminal with aggressive pit bulls that were attacking people and pets in the neighborhood, and these people were living in danger while AUTHORITIES DID NOTHING

  7. I’m having to carry a very large stick now to walk my dogs because a very aggressive pit has moved into the neighborhood. Unfortunately all of us with dogs have to walk right by this place and see the dog snarling and lounging at the window. I have looked into buying a gun, we are allowed to carry concealed weapons here. The owner doesn’t pick up her dog poop and obviously can’t control her dog from what I have seen. The dog goes balistic when it sees another dog and I have had to run a couple of times with my dogs. I love dogs but I will kill this one if it does get loose from her and will do it before it gets to me and my dogs.

  8. This man — this convicted felon and pit bull owner — SHOT THE CHILD! He did not just shoot the man who shot his dog. Then he went on to shoot the two deputies. I wonder if his neighbors even knew that he was a convicted felon.

  9. UPDATE from Ed Faron territory:

    “According to neighbors, there had been ill feelings between Younce and Moore since Younce’s pit bull bit two of Moore’s daughters, then ages 6 and 7, 18 months ago. Moore sued Younce for $1,910 for medical expenses. Moore lost the lawsuit.

    On Wednesday night, neighbors reported seeing Younce’s dog roaming through the neighborhood. At 10:30 p.m., neighbors heard a single shot. According to Moore’s mother-in-law, Pat Jones, Moore shot the dog when it came on his porch. He called the sheriff’s department and went to his front porch, with his two daughters, to await the arrival of the deputies. The sheriff’s department reported that Younce walked into Moore’s yard with a shotgun and started shooting.

    Moore, who lost a leg in a motorcycle wreck six years ago and was in a wheelchair, turned to go inside his house with his daughters. He was hit in the shoulder, back and hip by six pieces of buckshot, and Ashley Moore was hit in the back with injuries to her liver, kidney and lung.”

  10. Pit bull owner stabs animal control officer in Oklahoma City:
    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Oklahoma City police are searching for a man who stabbed an animal control officer on the city’s northeast side. Lt. Don Holland says the officer saw a man walking with a pit bull that was not on a leash about 3 p.m. Saturday and asked the man for identification. Instead, Holland says the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer two times.

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