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6 thoughts on “Animal Control Officer Stabbed Twice by Pit Bull Owner in Oklahoma City

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  1. I'd like to say I'm surprised. But I'm not.

    Can't be repeated often enough: where are the so-called responsible pit bull owners speaking out about this and demanding criminals not own pit bulls? They will excuse this as one bad owner. All these one bad owners are really piling up.

  2. All animal control officers ought to be certified as officers and allowed to carry a firearm. The days of Barney Fife are long gone in this country. Animal control officers are often in contact with violent felons without even realizing it. They should be allowed to protect themselves, and things like this will be less likely to occur.

  3. Well, pit nutters have to be ready & willing to die & kill for their dogs just like their dogs are for them.

  4. June 1, 2009 9:35 PM ET
    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – “An Oklahoma City animal welfare officer suffered only minor cuts after being stabbed by a man walking a pit bull without a leash.

    Police and animal welfare officials say the officer, John Alvarado, was wearing a bulletproof vest that he had purchased, which likely kept him from suffering a serious injury during the attack on Saturday…

    The city does not issue bulletproof vests to animal control officers, but assistant city manager M.T. Berry says that could change.”

  5. Nevada man attacked when he stops to help man and dog (his pit bull)

    ELKO, NV, JUNE 16, 2009 – "Police in Elko say a motorist was stabbed after he stopped to help a man kneeling by his dog lying in the road. When the Good Samaritan got out of his car, the man pulled out a knife and demanded money, and the dog got up. Police say when the victim refused, the man slashed him across the abdomen. The victim told police he punched the suspect in the nose before he and the dog ran off. The suspect is described as Hispanic, short and thin, with a Fu Manchu mustache. The dog was a pit bull with brown and white stripes."

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