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29 thoughts on “3 Pit Bulls Attack 6-Year Old Henry County Boy in Driveway

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  1. Horrific. No child should have to endure such pain. I hope the family is able to recover medical bills from the losers who allowed this to happen. It is very gracious and brave of Jayden’s father to allow the pictures to be shared. People need to see first hand the damage these dogs do when they bite.

  2. Jayden’s dad, I am so sorry that this happened. Please tell your son that many are thinking of him.

    I am so angry that a child cannot live a normal life without fear of something like this.

    I love dogs, but a civilized society understands when there is a problem and uses law to address it.

    Lack of laws is why there is a pit bull free-for-all going on!

    Literally every other part of our life is regulated, but breeders and dog fighters can do what they want?

    No Way.

    This needs to change, and with the bravery of people like Jayden’s dad who speak up and won’t be silenced by the breeders, THINGS WILL CHANGE!


    Judge Freezes Assets of Attack Chimp’s Owner

    Victims must ALWAYS sue.

    If a landlord is involved, sue the landlord.

    If a rescue group or breeder placed that vicious dog, sue them.

    If animal control or the town/city is negligent, sue.

    When the parties involved are held accountable, there will be change.

  4. Poor kid. Too bad we can’t set three vicious pit bulls upon the owner of these three dogs? An eye for an eye…

  5. His mother made a comment on the article that the pictures don’t show the worst damage. She said they were too graphic to show.

    And I know none of you will be surprised to hear that the pit nutters are rallying together on this and some even saying the child must have provoked the dog!!!!


  6. So what if the child did provoke the dog? No dog that will attack in such a manner, even with so-called provocation, is safe enough to co-exist with human beings. Dogs that will do that kind of damage after being prodded or pinched by a child are WILD ANIMALS and should be regulated as such.

  7. In Nutter world, every dog is a grenade with the pin pulled and must be treated as such. It is up to the lion tamer to provide 24/7 containment and control, which is nearly impossible to do due to the drive strength and escapabilty of the breed.

    Unfortunately, too many of them are defeated by the Dogmen of Stafford and someone else pays the price!

  8. For clarification, Jayden did not provoke the dogs, he didn’t even see the dogs coming. Regardless, even if he did, the dogs wee running free, unleashed without supervision. It blows my mind that people can say such unintelligent garbage. Let’s see how they would feel if their child was attacked.

  9. Absolutely agree with you, Anon. That is just one of the pit nutters common rallying cry. I guess it makes them feel better.

  10. The problem is they “do not feel” and they “do not care.” They have absolutely no concern for the actual and collateral damage their dogs cause. Take a look at your typical pit bull owner:

    Unfortunately, you have now entered into the “mind blowing” business of pit bull owners. Victims are blamed 100% of the time no matter the circumstances, no matter the number of witnesses — no matter what!

    Here’s one of a 1,000 examples:

  11. Kimani, I am so so so sorry that this had to happen to your beautiful boy. All of us here are on your side; none of us would ever dare suggest that he provoked those dogs. The article is very clear on what happened, that the dogs were not provoked, and yet the pit bull community refuses to believe that. Pit bulls attack all the time without any provocation. If you all form a fund for Jayden, please let us know and I will make a donation.

  12. Pit bull advocates always, always blame the victim. Its how they operate. They blame everyone and everything but the damn dog. We are all on Jayden’s side, Kimani. It was clear from the news accounts, and the attack, that these dogs saw Jayden as prey.

    Prayers for Jayden, and wished for a speedy recovery.

  13. Do you know what the worst part is? Even if the dog owner is fined, or sued, or forced to euthanize his dogs, he will probably do what most pit bull narcissists do….he will simply go right out and get two more pit bulls.

    So Jayden and his family will continue to be at risk. This is why the laws have to change.

  14. Bingo! You nailed it! It is for this very reason than many victims MOVE to a NEW HOME after an attack.

  15. Kimani, I’d like to clarify my earlier post, the one saying “so what if he did provoke the dogs…” I did not mean to imply in any way, shape, or form that I believe Jayden provoked the dogs. I meant that it doesn’t matter to me if a child provokes a dog or not. There is never any excuse for any dog to do what those dogs did to your son. I’m the victim of a pit attack, too, and the owners also tried to blame me. I didn’t provoke the dogs, either. My prayers are with you and your family for recovery.

  16. Kimani, I am so sorry that your son is getting blamed.

    Unfortunately he is not alone.

    The pit bull breeders and dog fighters ALWAYS blame the victim to try to hide the fact that their dogs are vicious and attack unprovoked.

    Please please stay angry and get your legislators to change the laws. Thank you for being so strong!

    Find a legislator who understands these issues and have them read this website to learn how these pit bull groups work and what lies they tell to try to discourage lawmakers.

    They need to stop listening to a bunch of lies and propagabda from these pit bull groups. These pit bull groups are lobbyists for dog breeders. The MONEY from pit bulls is all they care about.

    There need to be regulations for pit bulls to keep the public safe!

    And please tell Jayden we are all praying for him.

  17. That David on zupf may be one example of a pit owner, but the typical pit bull LOBBYIST is an AKC breeder type, overweight suburban woman running a lucrative breeding business and skipping out on her taxes. (which is at the heart of why they don’t want regulation for dogs)

    It is people like that who form lobbying groups to to batter and bully legislators into opposing regulation for pit bulls

    They call themselves different things- Responsible Dog Owners, Pit Bull advocacy groups, any one of a number of names that hides the fact that they are FOR-PROFIT BREEDERS looking to protect INCOMES from regulation.

    And they have gotten together with some pro-breeder groups like Bad Rap and Best Friends, who also make large amounts of money soliciting donations for pit bulls.

    This anti-pit bull legislation lobbying is all about the money!!!

    Kimani, legislators in your area need to know what is really behind all that pro-pit bull and anti-reglation lobbying!

    They get hit with a deluge of emails and calls from these disgusting breeders (most of them out of your state!), and these legislators get manipulated because they don’t know the truth about these people.

    Then the legislators don’t create laws to regulate pit bulls and dangerous dogs.

    Again, find a legislator who is willing to learn and give them the information to get to the truth behind these pit bull people.

    There are people here who can help you!

  18. Just to point out that not only do they blame the victim for provoking the attack, they also reflexively throw the owner under the bus. Anything to distract away from the fact that Pit Bull breeders are pumping put and selling dangerously defective dogs!

    No other product is so immune to liability laws.

  19. I have set up a fund for Jayden to offset all costs and to aid in the movement for change of our laws in this country. Those wishing to contribute can contact me directly at [email protected], thanks

  20. Thank you, Kimani,

    How is Jayden doing? Is he still in the hospital? Please let us know.

    Bless you all

  21. Thanks for the support, Jayden is home recovering well. The doctors said he is a strong little boy, and I am just grateful that he is with us, it could have been much worse. Thanks again for all the prayers and support that the family has received.
    The four dogs were destroyed this morning according to animal control, but it does not stop there, owners of such animals needs to be held acoountable, both criminally and financially and I have made it my mission to bring about this change. I’m only one person, not a lawyer nor a politician, just a concerned father that would not like to see this happen to any other family. I am open to sugeestions, advice and any help to get our elected officilas to take heed, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

  22. “Only one person” not so. You have all of us behind you, don’t ever feel alone in this. Take Jayden to these officials, let them see for themselves the damage inflicted by a pit. All dogs bite but pits maul. Let them see that this is not a “bite”. Post who you see on this site and we all will be writing and calling right behind you. Educate yourself on this web site so you can overcome all the lies told by the pit nutters. People like you are the ones who will make the difference. Prayers are with you and Jayden, please let him know.

  23. You are a real hero Kimani and an inspiration. The pit bull dog breeders and dog fighters have been controlling legislators and us for too long. We need to take back our yards and neighborhoods!

  24. I'm glad to see the prosecutor taking this seriously. The owner had the nerve to call the dogs "fun loving" after that? Well, yes, if you're a pit bull, mauling and trying to kill IS fun. That's the whole point. These dogs are different from other dogs. These dogs are killers. $2,000 isn't enough, but it's a start.

  25. Thank you for the support, I agree $2000 is far from enough and the prosecutor agreed but that is the max on the books right now. That is why I think the laws should be changed to enact more significant fines and criminal liability to dog owner whose dogs attack, maul and kill. I completely understand that change will take time but to sit back and do nothing would be grossly irresponsible.

  26. We also need Breeder Specific Laws tying product liabilty to breeders who produce and sell these dangerous and unstable maulers.

    No other product is so liability free!

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