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6 thoughts on “2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Kelly Caldwell Killed Pit Bulls on Christmas Day in Yermo, California

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  1. these are the attacks that i find most disturbing, people just out minding their own business and encountering vicious free roaming dogs.
    regardless of previous history of aggression, the owners should face murder charges.

  2. “Both Dugger and Davies said Caldwell’s body was badly damaged by the attack. Dugger said it looked like Caldwell’s legs had been run over by a car. Pieces of her body were scattered around the scene. Davies, who saw her sister in the emergency room, said she had skin nowhere else on her body but her face. “

    Sure, ALL dogs bite but there is only ONE type of dog that does this kind of damage, PIT BULL.

  3. OMG…We do not have the details of what Jennifer’s appearance was after she was murdered.

    We were only told it is to horrible for the family to endure.

    She was awake the 45 minutes the dogs were eating her. She fought to stay alive but lost the fight after the rescue.

    I am so sorry for the Caldwell Family… I am sorry to say, closure will come slowly.

    Please be strong…God bless you all.

    Aunt Sue

  4. "suspicion of failure to control a mischievous animal"

    Uh…I consider my cat "mischievous " when he steals food off my plate. "Violent" or Deadly" are much better adjectives.

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