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4 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks Four in Peabody; LifeFlight and Ambulances Summoned

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  1. Now that is what you call a Level 5 Beserking!…How much did this fiasco cost the taxpayers?

    How many times do we see incidents when multiple first responders are required to save life and limb?

  2. What kind of self-absorbed idiot would own a large dog, much less a pit bull in such a densely populated environment?

    Obviously, Brian Stevens isn’t much of a forward thinker.

    Pit Bulls, tornadoes and trailer parks…..

  3. Stevens is trying to keep his dog after the attack:

    Cohen has been hired to represent Brian Stevens, owner of the dog that last Thursday savagely attacked three women and a police officer, inflicting more than 50 wounds on Cassandra Osgood of Danvers.

    “I know why the dog snapped,” Cohen said. He declined to share any specifics. “It was because he was being a dog and not a killer.” The lawyer hinted that a brief episode of playful wrestling between two of the women may have contributed to the attack.

    “This is an aggressive breed of dog,” said Kevin Barry, another Salem lawyer representing Osgood. “In my opinion, they are used by those who own them as weapons.” He faults Stevens for taking no precautions against such a rampage.

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