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8 thoughts on “Drugs, Violence, Criminals and Pit Bulls -- Can They Be Separated?

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  1. Somewhere hiding within the Pit Bull counterculture, the breeder who made “blood money” off selling these dogs is pumping out another litter.

    Of course no one from the responsible pit bull community will do a thing to stop them!

  2. I don’t know why these drug dealing gang members use Pit Bulls…According to pit bull community dog safety experts, cocker spaniels are much more vicious!

  3. you know, I don’t get the ignorence of a typical pit bull owner. I own a pit bull, my mom and dad have two. You have to fully recognize this breed’s capabilities and effect extra steps to properly control these animals. I am a pit bull owner, I say the whole world needs regulations for this breed or the community will continue to suffer, and for what the public opinion of some anti BSL nuts, I have not heard of one BSL which was uncalled for or unreasonable……and I am an officer and the connection on pit bulls and criminals is in fact a reality, very high percentage of criminals are pit bull owners

  4. Nevada man attacked when he stops to help man and dog (his pit bull)

    ELKO, NV, JUNE 16, 2009 – "Police in Elko say a motorist was stabbed after he stopped to help a man kneeling by his dog lying in the road. When the Good Samaritan got out of his car, the man pulled out a knife and demanded money, and the dog got up. Police say when the victim refused, the man slashed him across the abdomen. The victim told police he punched the suspect in the nose before he and the dog ran off. The suspect is described as Hispanic, short and thin, with a Fu Manchu mustache. The dog was a pit bull with brown and white stripes."

  5. After a pit bull bit a person, the owner points a gun at authorities…
    "According to authorities, animal control arrived on the scene and attempted to take the pit bull into custody. However, the dog's owner refused to hand over the dog. That's when animal control called the Vance County Sheriff's Office for assistance. When deputies arrived, they said the dog's owner pointed a gun at one of them. The deputy shot the woman in the shoulder…"

  6. Pit bull owner shoots family over argument about a pit bull:

    (Memphis 7/6/2009) "The most disturbing case may be a 6-year-old little girl shot while in the hands of her mother during an argument over a dog. It happened early Saturday morning, near Mosby and Alabama. Police say an argument broke out between a man and his 35-year-old estranged wife, over a pitbull.

    "They were fighting over whose pitbull was bigger," said Deputy Chief Joe Scott of the Memphis Police Dept. "He began firing, hit all three," he said. The gunman's estranged wife and her 6-year-old daughter were wounded. Another female standing nearby was shot and killed. She's been identified as 18-year-old Kwanda Wainwright.",0,505874.story

  7. Man and his dog (pit bull) shot dead while walking:

    July 11, 2009 – "Police say 26-year-old Jacoby Talbert was shot on Locust Court in the courtyard of his own apartment complex, about 7 p.m. Friday night in Winslow Township, New Jersey. Medics rushed him to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, but doctors were not able to save his life. Talbert was walking his dog at the time of the shooting. His dog, which investigators believe was a pit bull, was also shot and killed in the incident."

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