NYC Housing Authorities Ban Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans

Vicious and Threatening New York, NY - On the heels of the U.S. Army (a federal institution) banning dangerous dog breeds from all U.S. base housing facilities, the New York City Housing Authority (a city, state and federally funded institution) followed suit. As of Friday, pit bulls, rottweilers and dobermans are banned from all city housing projects. Residents who currently own these breeds can keep them as long as they register their animals in the next 48 hours. Accordi… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attacks Four in Peabody; LifeFlight and Ambulances Summoned

From Left: Sarah Malave, Brian Stevens, "Bronson" the pit bull and location of attack. Death Sentence Ordered UPDATE 04/29/09: The berserking pit bull that went on a "binge" attack earlier in the month has received a death sentence. According to police Capt. Dennis Bonaiuto, the city's animal control officer issued an order to have the dog, Bronson, euthanized within 90 days. Lilian Pinto made her decision after owner Brian Stevens and his lawyer appeared at a hearing last… [Read full blog post]

'No-Kill' Leader, Ed Boks, Resigns as L.A.'s Animal Services Chief

Next Batter Up Los Angeles, CA - It was recently reported that Ed Boks -- a leader in the "No-Kill" movement -- resigned as the general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services (LAAS) effective June 30. His time at LAAS lasted 3.5 years. Last May, published a post regarding an audit of LAAS. The audit showed that LAAS, under the reign of Bok, failed to make dog licenses a priority, which cost the agency millions of dollars in revenue. "The failure to li… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Kills 11-Month Old Child in Eastpointe

"Miracle child" killed by family pit bull and his uncle, Terrence Lovejoy. "Sneak Attack" An uncle of the Eastpointe boy who was killed Wednesday by the family pit bull urged parents to "get rid" of pit bulls so they or their children don’t become the next victim of a fatal attack. "There’s no good to come out of these dogs," Terrence Lovejoy said during a news conference held at the Eastpointe police station. Like many other victims, he also added, "[This] does not have to ha… [Read full blog post]

Indianapolis Councillor Files 'At Risk' Dog Proposal Today

Pro-Human and Pro-HumaneIndianapolis, IN - City-County Council Member Mike Speedy intends to file his "At Risk" dog proposal today in an effort to address the city's growing number of pit bull attacks. Speedy made the announcement yesterday while standing in front of the home of Brenda Hill, a woman who lost part of her leg after two pit bulls attacked her in January. "We've tried outreach. We've tried education. But we need to admit that (pit bull advocates) need our legisla… [Read full blog post]

Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008

Seattle, WA - On April 22, 2009,, a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks by creating common sense laws, releases its first multi-year report on U.S. dog bite fatalities. The report covers a 3-year period -- from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008 -- and analyzes data gathered from 88 dog bite incidences that caused death to a U.S. citizen. The report documents dog breed information, property information (where the attack… [Read full blog post]

Letter: Attack Victim's Husband Says Pit Bull Regulation Sorely Needed

From left: Kristi Langston and Sean Langston. Victim: Kristi Langston Tyler, TX - On March 17, Kristi Langston was nearly killed by a group of pit bulls. Sean Langston, her husband, who "by the grace of God," returned home early from work that day, found his wife still alive. He told reporters that it would be a while before the "indescribable scene" would leave his head. "Knowing how I felt when I found her, I can only imagine what she endured," he said. "I literally thought she wa… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Tasered 15 to 20 times During Attack: No Effect

Months in Hospital UPDATE 04/21/09: Gabe Cooper, 4-years old, remains in critical condition at Akron Children’s Hospital since being severely mauled by a pit bull April 10. He suffered extensive facial injuries in the attack. Jim Bond, Gabe’s maternal grandfather, said Gabe, who recently was taken off of a ventilator, starts a new round of facial reconstructive procedures today. His grandfather estimates Gabe will remain in the hospital for another couple of month… [Read full blog post]