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17 thoughts on “Two Pit Bulls Kill Lab in 'Home Invasion' Attack in Kitty Hawk

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  1. Breeding and selling dogs specifically bred for dog aggression is one grotesque, antisocial and dangerous practice.

    Nikki Cannaday aka “Mrs Vick”!

  2. 23-year old “Nikki Canady” — be sure to search on the correct spelling — appears to be a multi-generational “loser” according this pit bull/American bulldog forum. Her father is also a dog trainer and runs a Pit Bull Rescue Group!

    We had some retarded young girl decide it was OK to let her dogs run free…the worst part of it her dad is a local dog trainer/tattoo artist and runs a “Pit Bull Rescue Group”…they were run out of there own town last year for running a tattoo shop that was linked to they have moved to my town and are making a muck…

    Read this, it just makes me sooooooooooo angry Evil or Very Mad ..this looser is now telling people that Niki Canady is not his daughter to keep employment as a DOG TRAINER..Niki Canady is the owner of the dogs responsible for the issues within our community..also both are local tattoo artist…I sent a email to this “Cyber Dog Lady” to verify she was employing him after all this crap..I got her reply below this morning…

    Our instructor (Steve Canady) teaches people and the dog. He is experienced in all breeds and trains obedience, behavior modifications, search work and more. He is also AKC certified for Canine Good Citizen training and testing. His training methods are all safe and proven. Many references can be provided. Group classes are great and are only $165 for a limited time still. Classes run 1 time a week for about 7 weeks. Private lessons are available right now for $35 per hour. Steve enjoys teaching about psychology of the dog and a structure for them they understand, even students that have owned dogs most their lives get something new out of the course…

    Thank you,
    The Cyber Dog USA

  3. “Little Empire Rescue,” Edenton, NC
    "Little Empire Rescue" is a Pit Bull Rescue located in Edenton, NC. Little Empire Rescue also services the Outer Banks of NC and Eastern Virginia. Founded in 2004, there are current plans to expand kennels in North Carolina for Little Empire Rescue. Little Empire Rescue is seeking foster homes for Pit Bulls of all ages. If you are interested in fostering a homeless Pit Bull & would like to go through our approval process, please contact Steve at 252-337-4669.

    So much for promoting “Responsible Pit Bull Ownership”!

    Gee I wonder what the “approval” process is?

  4. No surprise, trying to create a false sense of security with the mention of the AKC

    The AKC is a breeding lobbying organization. It exists to protect the profits of dog breeders, and yes, dog fighters too.

    AKC breeders and lobbyists work with dog fighter breeders to oppose laws on behalf of profits.

    And yes, some AKC breeders’ Staffordshire terriers (pit bulls) are ending up in the fighting trade whether they admit it or not

    AKC isn’t a humane group, a training group, anything else but a BUSINESS lobby.

    This “training” industry is notorious for having breeders and dog fighters trying to hide their real interests that masquerade as “expert dog trainers.”

    This is just another front for the breeding industry and dog fighters.

  5. “to expand kennels”

    Sorry, this sounds like a fighting dog breeding operation masquerading as a “rescue”

    Not the first time this has been done

  6. Just last night I was reading about the “UKC” dogfighting rules. Later they were replaced by the cajun rules…

    UKC = Pit Bulls = Dogfighting (at least historically)

  7. I wonder if the cyber dog lady and her trainers have business licenses, are declaring income, or paying taxes

    Is the the cyber training hideout?

  8. Oh yes citing the AKC for credibility…..

    The irony is that the UKC was founded by frustrated dog fighter Chauncy Bennett when the reputable registries wouldn’t touch his british fighting dogs. When he created the UKC, the original registry requirement was THREE DOCUMENTED KILLS IN THE PIT! Subsequently, he changed the names of the dogs to “American” Pit Bull Terrier.

    The AKC to this day stays arms lengths away from APBT’s but will register them as “American” Staffordshire Terriers.

    No one should be surprised when this breed kills an unlucky neighborhood dog..It should result in animal cruelty charges.

  9. Gotta wonder how many times these Hep-spreading Pit Bull proliferators have spammed the internet with:

    “It’s the owner”

  10. I couldn't get the link to work, so I did a little digging until I found it. For those who also could not access the NC DOC page on Steven L Canady:

    North Carolina Department of Correction
    Public Access Information System

    Here is the information you have requested for this offender.

    Data current as of 2:00 AM EST on: 03/24/2009

    General Summary Information
    DOC Number: 0610382 P&P Status:
    Name(s): CANADY, STEVEN L.

    Gender: MALE Race: WHITE
    Age: 42 Birth Date: 01/16/1967
    Click here for photo


    Supervision Record for Sentence Number: 01-001
    Commitment Type: PROBATION/PAROLE
    Conviction Date: 04/23/1998 County of Conviction: PASQUOTANK
    Punishment Type: COMMUNITY SS (DCC)
    Sentence Type 1: PROBATION
    Commitment Docket# Offense (Qualifier) Offense Date Type Sentencing Penalty Class Code

  11. If the daughter of a professional dog trainer can’t safely contain this fighting breed, who can?!

    Regulate NOW!

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