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35 thoughts on “Best Friends and Activists Hold Vigil Sporting 'Wildside Kennels' Caps

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  1. At last, maybe people will begin to see that Best Friends has gotten connected up with dog fighters and fighter breeders.

    The question is, does Best Friends know this? Or are they being used by organized crime?

    The pit bull breeders want to be able to get their hands on these breeding dogs after an arrest.

    They will, under the guise of this fake rehabilitation, get their hands on these dogs and get them back into breeding and producing.

    Many of these fighting dog people already pretend to run “pit bull rescues.” They will get the courts and Best Friends to give them the dogs and “promise” to “rehabilitate” them.

    Then these pit bulls will go right back into the fighting world as breeding stock.

    These dogs are valuable breeders, and these people will do ANYTHING to keep them.


    That is what this has come to.

    This fake “rehabilitation” scheme is a scheme that has been cooked up by DOG FIGHTERS and dog fighter breeders to keep the dogs.

    Best Friends couldn’t even get a trustworthy person to take Katrina pit bull rescues. Remember Don the Dog Guy Chambers?

    Under the guise of “rehabilitation,” dog fighters will keep the breeding stock and keep using it.

  2. This is why, when Best Friends filed the amicus brief with the court to get the Vick dogs, it was signed with a group of PIT BULL BREEDER ORGANIZATIONS, including one that has had tapes of members fighting pit bulls circulating online.

    The pit bull breeders and the dog fighters want to keep their hands on these breeding lines of pit bulls. These lines are VERY VALUABLE in the dog fighting world.

    These breeders have been breeding for many years to get the fighting dog characteristics they want in dogs. It takes a long time!

    This rehabilition con game is to try to prevent valuable breeding stock from being removed from the fighting dog gene pool.

    These people want to hold onto these dogs and KEEP BREEDING THEM.

    And they hope the courts will give them not only dogs, but money, to keep the breeding lines going!

    This is the organized crime racket of dog fighting hiding under the “humane” mask, and Best Friends is giving them cover, and aiding them!

  3. Did you notice in the article about this “vigil” in comments?

    There is the Cape Fear American Pit Bull Club!


    People who make money from breeding pit bulls.

    They admit that they tried to get their hands on some of these dogs, and Best Friends was going to give pit bulls to groups like this!

    These are PIT BULL BUSINESSES, not charity! Not humane groups.

    But these are the kinds of people and businesses that Best Friends is working for and with!

  4. There is LITTLE doubt of the extreme value of Faron’s dogs and that dogfighters may do next to anything to gain one. Exactly how was Best Friends going to handle this? They did NOT take ownership of the dogs, they only promised to “help place” the dogs. Place them where? In what secure facility? Pit bulls valued for dogfighting are stolen all the time, even from secure facilities. I guarantee you that the top dogs of Faron’s line would have been stolen prior to their sterilization. Thus the Faron bloodline would continue, and continue for the sole purpose of dogfighting.

    Furthermore, the fanatical “idealism” of Best Friends and these activists goes to show just how EASY it would be trick them (like Don the Dog Guy and Sandi Coy) into believing they would be trustworthy adopters. Pit bull rescue “fraudsters” even fool practical animal workers. They fool them so often that some of these shelters move to a “no adopt out” pit bull policy period. The risk is simply too high that the dogs will end up back in the ring.

  5. Post the Cape Fear Comment! I could not find it. This is a good one that I did find:

    carlb20 – 3/4/09 10:58 PM EST
    I wonder if these activists would be so quick to try to rehabilitate these animals if they had to do it themselves, in their own homes and around their children. I imagine their compassion would dissipate quickly when they discovered there is no county funding available for vicious animal rehabilitaion and the onus is on them.

  6. The other video shows dog trainer Linda Labonte. She says no way to rehabilitating pit bulls. “The pit bulls, when they’re trained the way they are, you can’t bring them back,” said Linda. “I’ve seen some turn around, but you’ve got to have the time.” Time and money, specifically taxpayer money, if Best Friends and other No-Kill advocates have their way.

  7. There was a news story today about a “run of the mill” pit bull robbery. Pit bulls with unknown breeding histories are stolen everyday in the U.S. And if the pit bull has a bloodline such as by Faron? You can imagine they guys wouldn’t stop after kicking in the door:

    Pit bull puppy, game system taken in home invasion

    A pit bull puppy was taken during a robbery inside a home in the Broadway- Bailey neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. Two assailants kicked in a door of a home on Brownell Street, off Broadway just west of Bailey Avenue…Once inside, one of the robbers displayed a small black handgun, according to the report. A cell phone and a PlayStation 3 also were taken. Two people were in the home at the time.

  8. “(Best Friends) They did NOT take ownership of the dogs, they only promised to “help place” the dogs. Place them where? In what secure facility?”

    Here is how well Best Friends checks out where they place pit bulls

    Dog the Dog Guy! He even came to Best Friends and tricked them PERSONALLY. They let him use their website to promote himself.

    Best Friends would have handed these dogs straight over to BREEDERS and dog fighters telling pretty tales about pittie love.

    Then back into breeding production these dogs would have gone, and back into fighting their offspring.

    While Best Friends falsely claimed they were all “saved” and got more donations on that lie.

  9. “capefearapbtclub 3/4/09 11:30 PM EST

    Actually we did offer to bring these dogs into our homes with our other pets and children, but were denied. I imagine you have no idea of our compassion as I am sure you were not standing in the freezing cold with the rest of us tonight paying our respects to the dogs that HSUS demanded be murdered.”

    Pit bull breeders who of course hate HSUS because HSUS is exposing dog fighting and wants breeder liensing and things like that.


  10. Remember Sandi Coy, leader of the Eastern States Responsible Dog Owners? Pit bull breeder, CONVICTED ANIMAL KILLER AND ABUSER?

    Took some Best Friends Hurricane Katrina pit bulls and killed them?

    Well, here she was a couple of years ago having another “vigil” with Cape Fear American Pit Bull Club.

    “Pit Bull vigil to be held
    Responsible Dog Owners of Eastern States and Cape Fear America Pit Bull Terrier Club will hold a Light A Candle/Save a Life candlelight vigil on the steps of City Hall, downtown Wilmington, at 8 p.m. Aug. 19.

    We invite the public to join us in this peaceful way to send a very powerful message to the world that discriminating against innocent dogs and their owners is just plain wrong.”

    Coy already had been exposed as a pit breeder and killer at that point.

    Cape Fear knew!

    Yet here is the Cape Fear Club lobbying with her.

  11. Good to know Humpty and dumpty are a team shouting, “Help us save dogs!” (AKA pit bull dogs only!)

    Perhaps Kitty Hawk is considering a breed-specific ordinance to help put a cap on dogfighting? Regulating pit bulls indeed helps protect them.

  12. Remember Orange County North Carolina Anti-Tethering Ban?

    Remember that a dog fighter associate Alane Koki snuck onto the committee to look into anti-tethering bills so she could oppose it for her dog fighter friend?

    Here is the Cape Fear American Pit Bull Club showing up with a branch of Sandi Coy of Eastern States Responsible Dog Owners to try to keep chaining and tethering allowed, the kennelling technique most dog fighters and fighter breeders prefer.

    Look down at Aug 27

    “Of the seventy four speakers at the meeting, sixty seven were in support and seven against, including private citizens, representatives of the North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance, the Cape Fear APBT club, and the STCA.”

    These are the kinds of groups Best Friends is now involved with. These are the kinds of people that Best Friends is holding vigils with.

    Best Friends claims to be opposed to chaining. But Best Friends is working with pit bull breeders that SUPPORT chaining.

    They aren’t telling their donors about that!

  13. Andrea Press is the president of the Cape Fear APBT Club (at least she was in 2006). She also served with Coy on the RDOES:

    Ms. Andrea Press, a four-year year resident of New Hanover County presented at the Board of Health Meeting regarding tethering of dogs. Ms. Press is the president of Cape Fear APBT Club, the treasure of United Dog Owners Association and on the board of Responsible Dog Owners of Eastern States and works professionally in the medical field.,%202006.pdf

  14. The story in the Cape Fear Critters Blog for Star News Online (Wilmington North Carolina) about the Cape Fear APBC and Sandi Coy Pit Bull vigil gives the website addresses of Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States, Cape Fear American Pit Bull Club, and Eyetrap Kennels.

    I see what you are talking about.

    It also gives Andrea Press as contact with her phone number and her referral to something she calls “lightacandlesavealife dot com”

    So Best Friends gets suckered again, or knowingly is doing business with these people. Which do you think it is?

    And is this J T O’Grady of this Critters blog another sucker or a pit bull breeder hiding as a pets blogger?

  15. So Eyetrap Kennels is profiting from the game dog merchandise through the cover of this pit bull club, like Best Friends founders are personally profiting from the merchandise and Vick dog merchandise sales at Best Friends.

    Private profits under a charity cover?

  16. How much do you think Best Friends got from the courts to get these dogs? Any press coverage, no matter how disgusting, makes dogs look good to Best Friends. They instantly have a value on their heads.

    They just want the media and resulting donations.

    Ordinary, abused pit bulls from Utah? They don’t want those.

    07/23/2008 05:26 PM ID: 72222 Permalink

    Animal Sanctuary Rescues Dogs that were Trained to Rape

    Diane Sue Whalen and Donald Roy Seigfried were charged with felony crimes against nature after 150 video tapes of Diane performing sex acts with the dogs were found. The two dogs; Buddy and Lucky will taken to Utah and will not be euthanized.

    The Best Friends Animal Society is the largest animal sanctuary in the U.S. After the dogs make the 1000 mile trip from Oklahoma to Utah, they will be put up for adoption. Initially the dogs were to be put down because they had been trained to rape.

    The dogs have been neutered and examined by a veterinarian who found them to be adoptable. The sanctuary cares for up to 2000 animals, mostly dogs and cats. Animals that aren’t eventually adopted live at the sanctuary permanently.

  17. Sorry if this is a repeat

    Look at comments here

    Andrea Press has taken over AADR after Terry Williams got arrested for dog fighting.

    All American Dog Registry. Pit Bull breeders. Sandi Coy was legislative analyst for AADR and was soliciting money for Terry Williams after he got arrested for pit bull dog fighting.

    Malnourished dogs rescued during raid

    By John Zambenini
    February 6, 2009

    Franklin County couple have been charged with animal cruelty after officials removed 11 pit bulls from their property – leaving nearly 50 dogs behind.

    Sandra Coy, 52, and William S. Coy, 44, both of 3387 St. Johns Road, were served Sunday with multiple misdemeanor cruelty to animals charges after Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies and animal control officers raided their property Dec. 14.

    According to Sheriff Steve Clark, the Coys had more than 60 dogs at their property when officers received complaints that barking dogs were chained in the Coys’ yard.

    Clark said 11 malnourished animals, two of which ultimately died from their treatment, were taken from the Coys’ property in December.

    Nearly 50 animals remained at the property, Clark said.

    The Coys have an unlisted telephone number and could not be reached for comment.

    No one answered the door at their St. Johns Road residence Thursday, though dogs could be heard barking inside and they were pawing at a window partially obscured by a Christmas tree.

    A barking German Shepherd was chained to an outbuilding on a sliding lead that crossed a frozen creek.

    Numerous other dogs, pit bulls included, were chained to buildings and near dog kennels in sub-freezing temperatures.

    Court documents said county animal control officer Kevin Caudle described the dogs as “malnourished” and “in poor condition.”

    An animal control official declined to comment on the investigation into the Coy’s treatment of their animals.

    A 2007 article attributed to Hardin County’s News-Enterprise posted on the Web site says the Coys have walked this road before.

    The article says they agreed in August 2007 to leave Larue County and not return with animals for two years after they were charged there with 12 counts of animal cruelty.

    LaRue County officials confiscated 37 pit bulls, a German Shepherd and eight puppies from their property, the article says.

    A dog was found dead on its chain when officers arrived at their property.

    The article says 11 of their dogs died after they were housed in a Taylor County animal shelter, either from attack from other dogs or disease.

    The Coys received six months jail time in the matter, which was probated for two years, the article said.

    According to meeting minutes posted on city Web sites, Sandra Coy addressed city council members in Ludlow, Taylor Mill and Crestview Hills in 2005 concerning dog breed bans.

    She decried breed-specific bans and vicious dog legislation at local levels, the Taylor Mill minutes said.

    Coy was identified as chairperson of Responsible Dog Owners of Eastern States at the Crestview Hills meeting.

    Coy and her husband are set to appear in Franklin County District Court Feb. 24.

    in comments “According to meeting minutes posted on city Web sites, Sandra Coy addressed city council members in Ludlow, Taylor Mill and Crestview Hills in 2005 concerning dog breed bans. She decried breed-specific bans and vicious dog legislation at local levels, the Taylor Mill minutes said.”

    Sandi also likes to take her show on the road.

    In June 2008, she and her “Responsible Dog Owners of Eastern States” cohort Andrea Press made the long trip down to Chapel Hill, NC, to speak against a proposed anti-chaining law at the County public hearing.

    Makes sense to me — after one of your dogs “was found dead on its chain,” take a road trip to North Carolina and present yourself as an expert on the topic.

    And guess who has taken over AADR after Terry Williams got arrested?

    Sandi’s buddy — Andrea Press.


  18. Andrea Press bought the All American Dog Registry from TL Williams when he got arrested on dogfighting charges in AZ. They were a major registry for dogfighters.

  19. Was wondering this exact question: What happened to the All American Dog Registry after the Pima County dogfighting raid? More importantly, what happened to the registry database? So Andrea Press bought the AADR?

    You know, the number of “Responsible Pit Bull Owner Associations” (AKA anti-BSL organizations) that are directly linked to the Pima County raid are astounding.

    Just off the top of my head:

    Georgia APBT club (Jere Alexander and Sherri Self), Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States (Sandi Coy and Andrea Press), (Allie Renar), Cape Fear APBT club (Andrea Press)…Furthermore, one of Jere’s employees — Sherri Self — is married to the guy that drove the van in the Chicago “dog fighting transportation bust” which led to the Pima County raid.

    The soap-opera is overwhelming!

  20. WHY would a legitimate pit bull rescuer involved in a so called legitimate dog sanctuary, use a screen name consisting of dog fighting terminology?

    Meet Edward Fritz, a.k.a. TopScratch.
    Manager of Dogtown at Best Friends in Utah.
    Joined: October 28, 2006
    Last Sign In: 1 week ago
    Videos Watched: 246
    Subscribers: 1
    Channel Views: 271
    This is a vessel to spread the word that Kindness to animals will make a better world for all of us.
    Name: Ed
    Age: 41
    I am one of the managers of Dogtown at Best Friends Animal Society. Myself and the 59 other staff memebers are responsible for the welfare of over 600 dogs. In addition, I and other collegues help to support the care and placement of many other animals throught the country that are still homeless after surviving Hurricane Katrina and Rita.
    City: Kanab, UT
    Hometown: Woodstock, IL
    Country: United States
    Occupation: Personnel Manager
    Schools: Hard Knocks
    Companies: Best Friends Animal Society
    Interests and Hobbies: Dogs, music(electric bass)motorcycles, corvetts, hiking, rock collecting and many others
    Movies and Shows: Comedy’s and psychological thrillers

  21. Best Friends announced a while ago that they were undergoing “restructuring.”

    One thing they are doing is supposedly to increase the numbers on the Board of Directors.

    The question is, is Best Friends being taken over by breeder lobbyists masquerading as “humane activists?” Or worse, by dog fighter lobbyists?

    Another organization called NAIA is a breeder front group that quite bluntly is dishonest and claims it is a “humane” group. and

    You may have seen links to NAIA on dog fighting web sites and forums. People like Sandi Coy have been involved in NAIA lobbying.

    Is the breeder ploy now to take over Best Friends as the original founders age and pass on?

    Use the Best Friends millions of dollars to promote pit bulls, breeding, protect the game dog industry, and lobby against laws that breeders don’t like?

    If so, who is behind this?

    Has it already happened?

  22. Ed Fritz isn’t just a dog manager at Best Friends.


    The game dog people love him!

    “Faron pleads guilty to dogfighting

    North Carolina dog breeder Ed Faron entered a guilty plea today to 14 counts of felony dog fighting as part of a plea bargain.
    He was sentenced to 8 to 10 months in prison, according to the Wilkes County Clerk of Court office. Under the plea bargain Faron will be under supervised probation when he gets out of prison and will not be allowed to own, possess or care for any dogs.
    Faron is to report to prison on March 5, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.
    The future of the 127 dogs seized in a raid on Faron’s Wildside Kennel on Dec. 10, 2008 — and even more born since the raid — remains up in the air. County animal control officials have said the dogs would be euthanized, under county law, after the legal case was resolved.

    Today, Best Friends Animal Society issued a press release today urging that attempts be made to rehabilitate the dogs.

    “To make the judgment that all these dogs are dangerous, solely on basis of their breed, is simply wrong”, says Ed Fritz, campaign specialist for Best Friends, which in the past 12 months has been working to rehabilitate the Michael Vick dogs at the society’s 3,700-acre sanctuary in southern Utah.
    “We have witnessed many heartening examples of individual success with our dogs that confirm our view that pit bulls are just dogs,” Fritz said. “Given the right opportunity any dog, with few exceptions, will respond to positive care and training. We believe the Wildside Kennel dogs deserve just such an opportunity and should be evaluated on an individual basis, especially in the case of the puppies.”
    Fritz said Best Friends welcomes an opportunity to talk with county officials about helping to cover the cost of spay/neuter services for the dogs, as well as assisting in the process of placing the dogs.
    “It’s bad enough that some of these dogs’ natural instincts to please their owner have been exploited into violence for profit. But to kill them merely punishes the victims and does nothing to stop the criminals engaged in illegal dog fighting,” Fritz said. “There simply are better solutions than just destroying the dogs.”

    He's even promoting Wildside Kennels in his little speech.

    By the way, if you see the link at the end of that where it came from- oh mi dog- this is run by an elderly semi-retired journalist who has gotten totally hoodwinked by the dog fighters & their Best Friends affiliates. He is too out of it to even realize how they are playing with him. Look him up.

  23. I’ve also seen Ed Fritz listed as “Ed Fritz Personnel manager for Best Friends Animal Society’s Dogtown Belvedeere”

    So he has control over the people they are hiring, and what they do.

    I’d be really curious to see what kind of people he is hiring on Best Friends’ payroll

  24. And it looks like Ed Fritz is selling himself to the pretend “professional” dog trainers

    The ones that want to make a bundle of money “evaluating” and “rehabilitating” pit bulls on the taxpayer dime.

    It’s a whole expanded industry of people getting rich quick off pit bulls

    This whole rehabilitation thing- lots of people profit. The gleam of gold, and forcing communities to give it to them

  25. “For these team members, search and rescue and emergency services aren’t anything new. Most worked together at a temporary animal rescue center in Tylertown, Mississippi, following Hurricane Katrina. That includes Carey Belcher, a Best Friends hydrotherapist, John Garcia, a dog trainer, John Hoenemier with the IT department, Ethan Gurney, a dog caregiver, and Ed Fritz, Dogtown personnel manager.

    On search and rescue is Mary Lichtenberger, who started as a volunteer in the Gulf Region and now works at Dogtown, and Dog Care Manager Michelle Besmehn, along with about 10 other employees.

    Also on the EMT team is Jeff Popowich, is a veterinarian technician who along with Gurney captained rescue boats through the floodwaters in New Orleans in the days following Hurricane Katrina. They and Woodard, along with the six other employees, are nearly finished with their EMT training.

    The training will help them not only in the local community, but also on the job at Best Friends."

    It sounds like many of these people hooked up with Best Friends in Mississippi and La and followed them back to Best Friends to get jobs?

    That's where Paul Berry came from- Louisiana.

  26. Jeff Popowich picking up fighting dogs on behalf of Best Friends, and dumping them in who knows what rescue in Missouri, dog fighting and puppy mill central.

    Is this another Don Chambers? Or Sandi Coy?

    “Chapter Three: Animal welfare activists raise $6,600 in private donations to relocate the dogs to a Missouri shelter that will place them in foster homes. Two animal experts from the Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, say they’re willing to drive nearly 3,000 miles to Spokane and on to St. Louis to deliver the dogs to their new home at Stray Rescue.

    Chapter Four: Cue the cameras.

    At a news conference Wednesday punctuated by the applause of those who worked diligently to save their lives, the Great Eight are loaded into Best Friends’ air-conditioned van, dubbed the Freedom Express. Best Friends’ Jeff Popowich and Sherry Woodard depart the SCRAPS shelter at 12:25 p.m. for the 30-hour trip to the Midwest”

    So the ploy seems to be that Best Friends markets for donations to “save pit bulls,” but what they do is dump them with some unknown “rescue.”

    And then wash their hands of them.

    How many Don Chambers and Sandi Coy types has Best Friends been giving these pit bulls to?

    What happens to these dogs?

    It looks like groups like Cape Fear American Pit bull Club get cozy with Best Friends, and get Best Friends to give them seized fighting dogs (and maybe some donor money too, to help produce more “game dog” tshirts and subsidize more candlelight vigils with Sandi Coy)

    Best Friends has a bad track record already of giving away pit bulls to con artists that abuse and kill the dogs.


    It looks like a real nasty situation that Best Friends is in the middle of.

    Is dog laundering going on?

  27. It looks like all the senior staff at Best Friends is deeply involved in this pit bull trade that Best Friends has undertaken- promoting pit bulls, opposing laws breeders are against, shipping pit bulls around, making donor cash with pit bulls

    It is overwhelming. Is Best Friends ALL pit bull now?

  28. Yep — they appear to be all pit bull now. That’s were the donation money lies. They’re about out of “Vick cash” and need some more…

  29. I'm going to hold a candlelight vigil for all the Pit Bulls Ed Farron culled over the years for not having "The Right Stuff".

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