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18 thoughts on “Katrina Rescue Fraud: Dogs Hijacked by 'Trainers' and Pit Bull Advocates

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  1. “As a responsible owner I do agree with the above. Many of us in the dog world do not want “mandatory” chipping as this gives the government one more way to track us. Sandi”

  2. Best Friends committed fraud with the whole Katrina rescue.

    They told their donors and followers that they were No Kill. (They STILL say it, even though it is not true!)

    They operated these “rescue camps” and ended up with a lot of aggressive, unplaceable pit bulls. (Just one of the typical problems with this No Kill insanity)

    Did they spend some of their millions and millions to take these dogs to their huge sanctuary in Utah? NO!

    They gave these dogs out UNALTERED to anyone who would take these dogs off their hands so they could close up camp and clear out.

    They sent out emails begging anyone to take these dogs, and even implied they would continue to “search for the owners” which they never did


    While they criticized other groups for euthanizing aggressive dogs, and called them “killers” (the usual Best Friends tactic)

    Then Best Friends told their donors and followers that they had SAVED all the pets they had rescued!

    As you can see, that was an utter lie. Many of these pit bulls went to hoarders, who knows what. They died God knows how, God knows where. We are only finding out about some of them. For some, we will never find the real stories.

    And there is much diasgreement on the Sandi Coy dogs that died. Many say they were BEST FRIENDS RESCUES

    Yet Best Friends wrote magazine articles, gave interviews to the press, bragged all over their fundraising that they had succeeded at No Kill and all the dogs they saved had lived and were happily placed in good homes and “No Kill sanctuaries.”

    Then they begged for more money!

    This is just fraud. They figured that no one would ever figure out what hellholes these dogs had been shipped to to die, and no one would figure out their lies.

    Now they are involved with pit bull breeder lobbies that have some really questionable reputations spreading this pit bull fantasy and promotion.

  3. And this is exactly what Nathan Winograd, Best Friends associate, is pulling. Dumping aggressive dogs, pit bulls, wherever, with hoarders, whoever. Just handing them out.

    Oh no, No Kill doesn’t humanely euthanize. They ABANDON ANIMALS with animal abusers to die horribly, but off the statistics

    And give aggressive dogs out to endanger the public

    Winograd is trying to get his “No Kill consultations” into a city near you to establish this kind of thing at taxpayer expense

    He did it at PACCA in Philadelphia until word of what was up got out, and he and his people were run out of town

  4. “As a responsible owner I do agree with the above. Many of us in the dog world do not want “mandatory” chipping as this gives the government one more way to track us. Sandi”

    There is a whole maniacical anti NAIS contingent of breeders, dog fighters, etc out there who know full well if they have to microchip their deadly dogs, the animals will be traced back to their operations, and the dogs in the fighting pit in busts traced back to their “we’re only breeding pit bulls as pets” fake fronts

    But also these breeders and dog fighters aren’t reporting income nor paying taxes, and they take advantage of lack of licensing laws to do this. Heavens knows they don’t want microchips exposing the huge tax cheating going on

  5. It’s difficult to imagine the amount of fraud and abuse that occurred to the Katrina animals. Katrina must have brought out loads of the least preferred animal owners: (hoarders, Don the Dogs, other opportunists, pit bull advocates and dogfighters). People like Coy must have been SHOPPING the rescues just to pick up pit bulls right along side folks in dogfighting circles. Meanwhile, pit bulls with God knows what background were shipped all over the county so that pit bull rescues could have their TOKEN Katrina pit bulls for fundraising! Rumors abounded of animal workers (likely volunteers with little experience with pit bulls) placed multiple dogs into crates for shipping only to learn that the pit bulls would attack and kill their crate mate. They didn’t have near ENOUGH crates for the many animals to start with, then they had to reserve “one-crate” per pit bull. Even in such a daunting crisis, pit bulls got priority over many other adoptable animals…And it did not end there. Due to the fraud and abuse in pit bull adoption/rescue, animal agencies had to remain wary of opportunists and dogfighters seeking them — yet one more concern in the face of the Katrina calamity! Slap Coy (and others like her) on top of it and the situation is even more indigestible.

    Love the big titles!

    Sandi Coy, Chairwoman of Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States
    Sandi Coy, President of the Kentucky All American Dog Registry Club
    Sandi Coy, Legislative Analyst, All American Dog Registry Club
    Sandi Coy, President of Bluegrass American Pit Bull Terrier Club

    Sandi Coy, fuzzypaws1234, is a member of MANY message boards promoting anti-BSL, networking with people connected to the dogfighting world and offering herself as HELP to pit bull rescues. There are too many online references to list:

  6. And lest we forget, another No Kill that sent their Katrina rescue pit bulls to die at a hoarders

    The woman who was in charge of this (stated so personally in the newspaper article) is Kim Sgro. She is currently involved with Best Friends & Nathan Winograd associate Claire Loebs Davis in King County, Washington trying to take over animal control in the name of Nathan Winograd No Kill.

    Winograd did a consultation there, smeared animal control and called them "killers," and is now trying to take over those taxpayer funds to do this No Kill thing

  7. Sandi Coy is also promoting the AKC Westminster Dog show

    Sandi is pals with many AKC breeders and lobbyists (though they try not to admit it)

    She is lobbying right with them on anti-bsl stuff, etc

  8. Yes indeed, Cherie Graves used to (if not still) list Sandi Coy as an arm of Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States RDOWS

    Lists her right on the “staff” lists of RDOWS

  9. LMAO! a breed of dog created by deviants for deviants.

    Seriously, are other breed communities leadership so largely dominated by the felonry?

    Additionally, why is the felonry allowed to affect the public discourse over canine safety?

  10. They come up with these ridiculous group names, like “responsible whatever” and try to appear mainstream

    In the past, too many legislators let themselves get tricked

  11. And this Sandi Coy lobbies directly with legislators, trying to convince them that regulation is not necessary

    What kind of legislator would listen to people like this?

    It is time to call out the ones that do

  12. Like sex offenders, animal abusers are often REPEAT offenders. It’s too bad the judge simply ordered them out of LaRue County. This just forced them to move their operation to a new location. It hardly addressed the real problem.

  13. All those organizations like RDOWS work for Pit Bull Fighters. It’s a big business now and the Dog Men of today pay donate big money so RDOWS and the like will keep them free to chain, train, and fight dogs.

    The Constitution was not made established just for RDOWS, Dog Politics, Blue Dog State, etc. it is for everyone and most of us don’t line our pockets with payoffs from criminals like they do.

  14. Too bad for them that “Forfeiture Laws” might get them if the justice system can’t! Keep an eye on the Dennis/Patrick Pima case…

  15. Here's another Katrina rescue fraud, Henry Hanson and his wife Tammy Hanson. I don't know if they were pitgrifters:

    NOV 15, 2009 — "Hanson was brought back to Arkansas after Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a warrant for the extradition. Hanson was arrested in late September near Holden, Mo., and had resisted his extradition since then. It wasn't clear Sunday if Hanson had an attorney. On Oct. 21, 2005, authorities found between 400 and 500 dogs at the Hansons' rural two-acre lot, including 61 pit bulls sent to the Hansons from an animal rescue group working after Hurricane Katrina.–+Vermont+news

  16. As an animal rights advocate, I am deeply troubled that some in my community have allied themselves with pit bull fighters and breeders. This won't help anyone, not the pit bulls or the people or animals who are attacked by aggressive fighting dogs.

    I've learned a lot of stuff on this website about Best Friends that I am not happy about.

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