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14 thoughts on “Judge Judy Airs Episode About Serious Pit Bull Attack

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  1. I saw the episode and unfortunately, the otherwise super intelligent Judge Judy, did go into great detail about the physiology of the locking jaw.

    I agree, they lock their jaws but they do it with sheer will and determination not because they are physically different.

    But the son in law to be was a real hoot.
    Inbred stupid hillbilly, who could barely form a sentence. And those that he did manage to string together were unintelligible. I kept thinking “too bad Zupf didn’t catch this one.”


  2. How many times do we read accounts of neighbors bashing pits with shovels, hammers, boards etc trying to get them to release whatever unlucky mammal they are mauling….

    It doesn’t matter if it is physiological, genetic or caused by sun spots. It’s what they do!

  3. I watched two grown men beat a pit bull in the head until it was UNCONSCIOUS, trying to get its jaws off the throat of a smaller dog it had attacked with no warning or provocation.

    THAT’S where the damn “myth” came from…..they DO lock their jaws, with the sheer force of their will, NOT from any physiological skeletal mechanism. The end result for the victim is the same; these dogs will NOT let go.

  4. Judge Judy did her homework on this one, like a good judge should.

    There is an understanding that there is a genetic problem with these dogs.

    I do wish, however, that she had discussed the chaining issue.

    The dog was on a chain because it was too aggressive to live in the house or with the family.

    So this trash just throws these dogs on chains.

    That makes them worse, and they break the chain and usually attack a neighbor child or pet.

    Also that these people are breeding pit bulls to sell to fighters or criminals. This was an illegal business operation.

    So they WANTED an aggressive dog to breed!

  5. I wanted to see this episode. Thanks for posting the video! IT is so typical of nutters to go insane whenever someone says “Locking Jaw.” Agreed that is doesn’t matter what you call it! It is a fact that they won’t let go! I am so tempted to go on that board where they are trashing Judge Judy, but I know it would just give me an ulcer. pits do have something different about their jaws that makes them able to hold on, and in their temperment that makes them want to hold on, and the damage they inflict is horrendous, even with the NONLOCKING JAWS.

  6. Another human aggressive pit breeding operation revealed…

    The daughter has been so indoctrinated by drinking the nutter koolaid that she still spews the pitbullshixt despite administering a level 5 mauling on her own father!

    Ban Early and Ban Often!

  7. Judge Judy is a neighbor of mine in Florida. GOD BLESS HER. She has two small dogs that she walks. Not far from where we live not long ago a woman was decapitated by two pit bulls when out for a walk.
    I don’t care if she got the locking jaws wrong. SHE GOT THE REST RIGHT. When I see her on the beach I’m going to say thank you on behalf of and tell her about the site!!!!GO JUDY

  8. “It doesn’t matter if it is physiological, genetic or caused by sun spots. It’s what they do!”

    It DOES matter when you trying to make laws.

  9. The irony here is that the nutters are more upset with Judy instead of these human aggressive Pit Bull breeders. They truly are the petulant children of the dog world!

  10. Anon who lives near Judge Judy, thank her for having the guts to be HONEST, and not hide in fear from the pit bull lobby.

  11. I did see the one where JJ takes about the jaw capacity. Seems that the man bitten was suing his daughter’s boyfriend. And the daughter was on the side of the boyfriend. JJ really gave them hell about having children. And the daughter has her own pit puppy. Next headlines will be her child and then let’s see if she changes her tune.

  12. Once Bitten said To all these people who think pitbulls are great pets,wait til it turns on you or your children. If your to ignorant to figure that out then God be with you when this happens. This breed should be banned for life.

  13. I am ashamed to say that these idiots are relatives. Fortunately, they are only related by marriage and not by blood. I have never met the idiot b/f, but Rick and Megan are….. well, idiots. 20 years from now, expect the same; white trash in an old trailer in the woods w/ dogs chained up in the back yard.

    I have never understood why people would have a dog that they cannot interact with. A vicious animal chained to a tree is NOT a pet. It isn't even a good guard dog.

    They are not breeding these things 'professionally' for fighters or criminals or whatever. Unfortunately, the rednecks out in Middleburg all feel that they need to have a pit bull chained up behind the trailer by the 4×4, so they buy and breed them. It's just a retard status symbol.

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