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13 thoughts on “Dogfighting 'Godfather' Ed Faron Pleads Guilty to Felony Dogfighting

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  1. Very important point made in this article by Dogsbite…… the Vick dogs were NOT from pure game-bred lines. Vick was an amateur, he was ghetto-trash trying to be a player…anyone could see he had a bunch of scatterbred dogs by the wildly differing conformation of the “Victory dogs”. He was too stupid to understand what he was doing, and was probably taken advantage of by people charging him big money for dogs that the owners claimed were fighting dogs. He really didn’t know the difference.

    The fact that some of these dogs were NOT highly DA doesn’t prove a thing about pit bulls in general….pit bull is a catch-all term for a junk breed that encompasses game-bred, AmStaff, Ambulls, APBT’s, and every combination of the like. Some of the Vick dogs may not have reached sexual maturity, and could become highly DA later on. A few of them were not game bred dogs, and may have won the genetic lottery by being atypical, and were dog tolerant, or even dog social.

    The bottom line is this……if and when some of the celebrity Vick dogs go after another dog, maul a neighbors beagle to death, or kill the family cat; do you think the public will hear about it? Does anyone think that BadRap will call a news conference if a Vick dog kills the neighbors Chihuahua? Whose going to call the Today Show when a Vick dog becomes “hot”, and starts lunging at other dogs when on leash?

    The public will never really know the true temperament of those dogs….we have been spoon fed bits and pieces of this story by the media, just what the BadRap folks want us to see.

  2. The merchandise that Best Friends sells (their gift store, website sales, mailing sales) DOES NOT go to support the sanctuary.

    The money from merchanise sales goes to INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE, as profits to them personally.

    The people who founded Best Friends will use the Faron pit bulls to sell merchandise to make a personal profit.

    This is NOT charity.

  3. I checked out that site! It hasn’t been posted to in a while. TOO BAD! The title is classic: “Worst Friends”

  4. Trigger, I saw in a comment left on a recent article about Paul Berry being fired that many employees of Best Friends have quit in disgust at poor quality senior management and other complaints

    There is a mess at Best Friends, and lots of activity they are trying to keep hidden

    But the one thing they do keep managing to do is working to shake down cash

  5. The comments by the nutters wanting to save the dogs is pathethic – they are so uneduacted and completely out of touch with reality. And now they believe HSUS has a vendetta against pit bulls – the conspiracy theories they create is never ending.

  6. Best Friends and Nathan Winograd (along with their breeder and dog fighter buddies) have maligned HSUS because BEST FRIENDS AND WINOGRAD WANT DONATIONS TO COME TO THEM INSTEAD

    Best FRiends and Winograd lie about other groups to smear them, so Best Friends and Winograd can steal some donations and PROFIT.

    Even though Best Friends and Winograd do nothing concrete for animals, and now actually hurting them.

    Best Friends can’t even succeed at making animal cruelty a felony in their own state, Utah!

    They and Winograd actually are aiding and abetting animal abusers, hoarders, fighters.

    It’s just a big money grab.

  7. You’re kidding!
    “Best Friends can’t even succeed at making animal cruelty a felony in their own state, Utah!”

    It’s so unclear what side of the coin this group is on.

  8. Judge orders that pit bulls be destroyed — County law requires action; Humane Society, others back the court’s decision

    Ledy is quite a piece of work:

    “Those dogs are going to be killed solely because of prejudice,” said Ledy VanKavage, an attorney for Best Friends Animal Society…They should be judged as individuals just as people are,” VanKavage said. “It’s a massacre.”

    Wilkes Animal Control Director Junior Simmons told the judge that some of the dogs that were puppies when they were seized in December are already showing aggression toward each other. “They’re not just play fighting,” he said. “They’re starting to draw blood.”

    Not your Vick dogs!

  9. 146 of Faron’s dogs were destroyed since there was no dowry…The hollow offer to take them was enough to rally the dupes in the pit bull movement.

    “A number of animal rescue groups had offered to place the dogs, but none of their representatives attended Monday’s hearing when the judge was considering a ruling.”

  10. The nutters are claiming it was big conspiracy to kill off this fighting line and that the rescues were improperly kept out of the disposition hearing…

    If there was a Million dollar dowry that came with these dogs like in the Vick case, you can bet there would have been a sea of lawyers pimpin’, backstabbin’ and scratchin’ to gain custody of these dogs.

    Good to see that DA is not OK is this county.

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