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14 thoughts on “Bad Rap Releases '2009 Bust Dog Survivor Calendar'

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  1. Bad Rap has also stated in their informational materials and website that dogfighting paraphernalia is NOT for fighting, but just for “exercising” pit bulls

    (The Federal government and most states would take great exception that that foolishness)

    And that scarring does not mean that dogs were in fights

    Is anyone surprised that the dog fighters think of Bad Rap as a friend lobbying for their interests?

    Bad Rap also supports dog breeder interests.

  2. Here is some of the lead up to this

    A lot of the problem is Rebecca Huss, who clearly promoted or was promoted to the judge as an “animal law scholar” or expert which is empty language.

    She works in animal law at this university. It doesn’t make her an expert in handling aggressive or fighting dog issues. Or being able to find competetent evaluators.

    And Huss walked into this with an agenda.

    Rebecca Huss had a relationship with Best Friends, and with Bad Rap, and erroneously declared that Bad Rap had some kind of “expertise” in evaluating these dogs.

    Bad Rap is an “expert” in their own words only. It’s just an organization run by some guy and I believe a girlfriend who have routinely spread falsehoods and myths about pit bulls for their group’s advantage and in the name of collecting donations.

    For Rebecca Huss to name these people as “expert” evaluators was irresponsible and not true.

    But when a judge is tricked into accepting people as “experts,” this is the kind of thing that happens.

    Groups getting dogs for the large payout and to use them for fundraising and money-making purposes.

    The judge, Henry Hudson, is being mocked by these pit bull groups as they blatantly defy his order.

    Rebecca Huss did not reveal to the judge the income interests in these dogs, and bungled this whole thing.

    This is what happens when the court is abused for the financial interests of some.

  3. It was Rebecca Huss of Valparaiso University who vouched for the reputation of these groups.

    Rebecca Huss should take responsibility for these groups defying the judges’s order and using the Vick dogs to profit and fundraise.

  4. Remember the plans of No Kill Best Friends/Nathan Winograd to use lawyers and lawsuits to FORCE communities and their animal control to adopt No Kill procedures like handing over aggressive fighting dogs to unregulated “rescue” groups? And drop things like breeder licensing? And dog limits? And animal control laws?

    This is what Rebecca Huss is involved with. DIRECTLY.

    One of her recent papers Rescue Me: Legislating Cooperation Between Animal Control Authorities and Rescue Organizations

    And here she is at the Nathan Winograd No Kill conference

    Best Friends promotes this heavily for Winograd

    Look at her fellows!

    We see Claire Davis, a lawyer, who is pushing the Winograd No Kill with the pit bulls of King County WA animal control.

    Someone on the board of directors of Animal Ark, a No Kill shelter. But who is also national counsel for American Dog Owners Association which is a lobbying group for DOG BREEDERS, including pit bull breeders.

    A VP on the Cat Fanciers Association. Cat breeders. Who lobby against the same laws that breeders, including pit bull breeders, lobby against.

    Some of these people have gotten themselves on animal control advisory boards in some areas to push this agenda.

    And there are issues with others on this list.

    Bonney Brown was a Best Friends employee. When Nathan Winograd did his No Kill “consultation” for Nevada Humane Society, he got Bonney Brown hired in there. Needless to say, there have been “issues” there. And Brown is attempting to take over Animal Control there and control the taxpayer dollars, and we see a representative from Animal Control at this conference (which is fairly questionable for a taxpayer-funded employee)

    The Winograd/Best Friends No Kill movement is attempting to use the courts to sue communities into submission, and a) hire Best Friends/Winograd connected people into taxpayer funded jobs, b) allow these people to change the rules and laws of the state or county to make things easier for the breeders to stay unregulated, like opposing breeder licensing and c) FORCE communities to hand over animals, including aggressive pit bulls, to marginal and unregulated “rescue” groups that are given taxpayer money to do things like, as we saw with Pasado’s, ship dogs to hoarders and abusers, or place aggressive dogs out in the public.

    (Winograd is involved in a lawsuit now with the city of LA along these lines.)

    And they are enlisting people connected with the court to pursue this extremist agenda.

  5. And Rebecca Huss got Bad Rap to evaluate the Vick dogs, dogs that Bad Rap had a vested interest in OBTAINING, GETTING THE VICK MONEY FOR, and USING FOR FUNDRAISING.

    That is a conflict of interest.

    Was Judge Henry Hudson even aware of what Rebecca Huss was pulling?

  6. The artist Cyrus Mejia
    All of the “original” paintings have been sold. Only prints remain at the cost of $50 each. Does anyone know how much an original painting went for in cost?

    I just found it in Google cache
    “Some of the original paintings are still available at $300.00 (plus $40. … To order prints please send check for full amount to Cyrus Mejia at address…”

  7. If you are gonna get mauled by a Pit Bull, these are the ones to get mauled by…The Federal Government mandated that these animals be covered by $1 Million dollar liability insurance. They have nothing in common with the average neighborhood pit!

  8. But has Bad Rap microchipped and identified these dogs when they handed them out to someone? When they bite, can they be traced back to Bad Rap?

    Or will this be the usual mistaken identity stunt

    I wonder who is checking to see that they do have the insurance. Did anyone from the court check I wonder? Or was this a case of hand them out with a court order, then don’t make sure the order was upheld

    Certainly they have broken the part of the order that said they couldn’t fundraise.

    Who is their insurance carrier, I wonder, and is there even a policy? And for how much?

  9. There was an incident in Sunnyvale, Ca. last year where a pit bull got through a hole in a fence and mauled a neighbors leashed chihuahua to death…some posters on message boards insisted the pit bull was a Bad Rap dog. The town of Sunnyvale ordered the dog euthanized, because it was deemed dangerous. I believe there is no tracking of Bad Rap dogs….I can recall the San Francisco Gate message board community debate after Nicky Faibish was killed, posters there insisted they knew of Bad Rap dogs who had attacked people, but the incidents were never reported or covered up and the dogs not linked to Bad Rap.

    The two founders of Bad Rap are artists….they have no credentials as trainers, or education as animal behaviorists. They draw a salary from the donations they receive…they make a living promoting these dogs as pets. I have NEVER met anyone legitimately involved in breed specific rescue who would take a DIME to help the dogs they love.

    The Bad Rap people are dangerous frauds, who have capitalized on the public’s love of dogs to make a career for themselves. Their website link is displayed prominently on many fighting dog fanciers websites.

  10. I would guess that donations also cover their living expenses, cars, all that.

    This is why they oppose mandatory spay neuter of pit bulls, I guess.

    First, they would lose promotion and advertising by the dog fighters and breeders.

    Second, they might get fewer donations and funds with fewer pit bulls to “save.”

  11. I would guess that if these dog owners get sued, they will give up Bad Rap in a heartbeat, and then the lawsuit can be applied to the real culprits

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