Pit Bull Attack Movie: The Slide Show Presentation, By Zupf

Pit Bull Attack Movie On October 25th 2008, DogsBite.org released a video tribute to attack victims. Pit bull advocates celebrate this day as, "Pit Bull Awareness Day." We thought it only appropriate to create a video that remembers victims of pit bull attacks on this day. We were not alone in our efforts. YouTube artist Zupf also dedicated a special video to this day. The video contains important textual content about each victim's story. DogsBite.org exported Zupf's orig… [Read full blog post]

Spanaway Pit Bull Attack Victim Files Lawsuit; Appears on Discovery Channel

Potent, Vocal Victim Spanaway, WA - Back in October, we wrote about pit bull attack victim Ona Deane-Gordly. In 2006, while conducting a survey at the Maple Glen Apartments in Mountlake Terrace, WA, a pit bull-mix leapt onto her head from a second-story balcony. The dog peeled her scalp from her skull and ripped her teeth and gums from her jaw. Deane-Gordly spent weeks in the hospital. Since the attack, she has endured many surgeries to reconstruct her scalp and repair tendons… [Read full blog post]

Texas Lawmaker: No Pit Bulls for Minors Without Adult Supervision

Like "Carrying a Gun" Austin, TX - After a weekend of pit bull attacks involving three Texan citizens, it was reported that a flurry of animal-related bills had been filed for the upcoming Texas legislative session. Among the list includes: tougher cockfighting and dog chaining laws, allowing sportsmen to hunt feral hogs from a helicopter and a pit bull proposal. State Representative Harold Dutton, a Houston Democrat, wants to make it a crime for Texans younger than 16 to "h… [Read full blog post]

What's There 'Not to Get' About Regulating Pit Bulls?

Newspaper Runs Cartoon Omaha, NE - The recent chimp attack "shocked" the nation after the animal inflicted injuries described by medical workers as, "ripped off a substantial portion of her scalp, face, jaw and eyes." What do you think Amaya Hess's face looked like after 5-8 minutes of a pit bull clamped on to it? It took the claw end of a hammer to pry open the pit bull's jaws. What do you think Brenda Hill's foot looked like prior to its amputation? Remember Justin Kowalczyk? A pi… [Read full blog post]