Spanaway Pit Bull Attack Victim Files Lawsuit; Appears on Discovery Channel

Potent, Vocal Victim Spanaway, WA - Back in October, we wrote about pit bull attack victim Ona Deane-Gordly. In 2006, while conducting a survey at the Maple Glen Apartments in Mountlake Terrace, WA, a pit bull-mix leapt onto her head from a second-story balcony. The dog peeled her scalp from her skull and ripped her teeth and gums from her jaw. Deane-Gordly spent weeks in the hospital. Since the attack, she has endured many surgeries to reconstruct her scalp and repair tendons… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Dog Aggression Results in Serious Human Injury

"Astounding Amount of Blood"Michigan City, IN - Tony Mashburn, 29, suffered severe injury during a reported "redirected" attack. Mashburn said he petted two "friendly" pit bulls outside his hotel room before a fight broke out between the dogs. When one of the dogs tried to fight back, the animal clamped down on his hand instead. He told police the dog bit down so hard he could feel bones in his hand break. The owner of the dogs, Russell Spikes, 41, had also been staying at the hote… [Read full blog post]

Two Adult Texans Get Eye Ripped Out By Pit Bulls Over the Weekend

4 Weeks; No Anwers UPDATE 03/23/09: CBS 11 has pinpointed the cornerstone of the pit bull problem. Four weeks after victims Hellen Fuller and Clarence Webber were brutally attacked by two loose pit bulls, neither have any answers. Both, however, have a lot of pain, questions and medical bills. Neither victim has heard from the dog owner since the attack either. If the victims choose to file civil lawsuits, it may be years from now that they receive any form of medical payment. I… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Bends Metal Catch Pole Before Strangling Self to Death in Noose

Uncooperative Owner UPDATE 02/18/09: After his pit bull violently attacked his mother, Lorrie Ellis, causing severe injury on February 8, Jeffrey J. Kirlin, 25, has refused to meet with investigators. According to a Humane Society statement issued today, investigators have asked the city prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant for Kirlin. Official intend to cite Kirlin on suspicion of not having proper license and vaccination on the dog, as well as insurance, which is a ne… [Read full blog post]

Dogfighting 'Godfather' Ed Faron Pleads Guilty to Felony Dogfighting

Images from the Wildside Kennels MySpace page that has since been taken down. Rescue Groups Absent UPDATE 02/18/09: Following a judge's order, Wilkes County Animal Control euthanized 146 pit bulls. On Monday, Judge Ed Wilson Jr. of Superior Court ruled that state law defines dogs as dangerous if they are involved in a dogfighting operation and a county ordinance requires that dangerous dogs be destroyed. A number of rescue groups had offered to place the dogs, but none of th… [Read full blog post]

'Bonita' Merchandise by Best Friends is Swiftly on the Way

Vicktory Dog Dies Utah - Last week, Best Friends announced that one of Vick's dogs, Bonita, died during a routine anesthesia procedure. The dog apparently had worn or filed down teeth and had required dental work. Best Friends chalks the bad teeth up to Bonita likely being a "bait dog," when the condition might just be the result of longtime chain chewing on Vick's property. The press release is masterful copy for soliciting donations. Expect to see Bonita merchandising avai… [Read full blog post]

Dog Aggression Equals Human Injury, Bullets and Dead Family Dogs

Victim Shares Story UPDATE 03/06/09: After spending nearly a week in the hospital recovering from injuries, the victim in the most recent shooting spoke to reporters. Melanie Young said the dog's behavior was completely unexpected. "I didn’t believe he would ever hurt me...ever," she said. "That dog slept with me like a husband." Young describes the attack in a video clip recorded by Zupf and offers a message to fellow pit bull owners: "They do, they turn I don’t care how… [Read full blog post]

Another Pit Bull Strangles Self to Death in Catch Pole Noose

Taser Fire Does Nothing Country Club Hills, IL - Two days after the dramatic Omaha attack that involved a severely injured victim, several firefighters, a bent metal catch pole and a thrashing pit bull, another pit bull strangled itself to death in a catch pole noose. The question is, "How common is this?" Thankfully, the most recent victim did not endure serious injuries. Also note that police officers were able to stop the Labrador, but were unable to stop the pit bull after s… [Read full blog post]