Pit Bull Attack Movie: The Slide Show Presentation, By Zupf

Pit Bull Attack Movie On October 25th 2008, DogsBite.org released a video tribute to attack victims. Pit bull advocates celebrate this day as, "Pit Bull Awareness Day." We thought it only appropriate to create a video that remembers victims of pit bull attacks on this day. We were not alone in our efforts. YouTube artist Zupf also dedicated a special video to this day. The video contains important textual content about each victim's story. DogsBite.org exported Zupf's orig… [Read full blog post]

Spanaway Pit Bull Attack Victim Files Lawsuit; Appears on Discovery Channel

Potent, Vocal Victim Spanaway, WA - Back in October, we wrote about pit bull attack victim Ona Deane-Gordly. In 2006, while conducting a survey at the Maple Glen Apartments in Mountlake Terrace, WA, a pit bull-mix leapt onto her head from a second-story balcony. The dog peeled her scalp from her skull and ripped her teeth and gums from her jaw. Deane-Gordly spent weeks in the hospital. Since the attack, she has endured many surgeries to reconstruct her scalp and repair tendons… [Read full blog post]

Texas Lawmaker: No Pit Bulls for Minors Without Adult Supervision

Like "Carrying a Gun" Austin, TX - After a weekend of pit bull attacks involving three Texan citizens, it was reported that a flurry of animal-related bills had been filed for the upcoming Texas legislative session. Among the list includes: tougher cockfighting and dog chaining laws, allowing sportsmen to hunt feral hogs from a helicopter and a pit bull proposal. State Representative Harold Dutton, a Houston Democrat, wants to make it a crime for Texans younger than 16 to "h… [Read full blog post]

What's There 'Not to Get' About Regulating Pit Bulls?

Newspaper Runs Cartoon Omaha, NE - The recent chimp attack "shocked" the nation after the animal inflicted injuries described by medical workers as, "ripped off a substantial portion of her scalp, face, jaw and eyes." What do you think Amaya Hess's face looked like after 5-8 minutes of a pit bull clamped on to it? It took the claw end of a hammer to pry open the pit bull's jaws. What do you think Brenda Hill's foot looked like prior to its amputation? Remember Justin Kowalczyk? A pi… [Read full blog post]

Logan, Iowa Pit Bull Ban Passes with Ease

No Local Complaints Logan, IW - Logan, Iowa's pit bull ban is now official. It's pit bull ban ordinance passed on February 18 on the third and final reading at the Logan City Council meeting, which also raised fines for dogs running at large and for unlicensed pets. For the first conviction owners will be fined $100. Upon the conviction of a second offense within a year, in addition to a civil penalty of up to $750, the owner will have 72 hours to remove the animal from the city limits… [Read full blog post]

2008 International Shark Attack Report Released

4 Fatal Attacks in 2008 Gainsville, FL - The International Shark Attack File recently released its summary of 2008 shark incidents. University of Florida shark researcher George Burgess says there were 59 attacks in 2008, compared to 71 in 2007. There were four fatal shark attacks worldwide in 2008, an average number, compared with only one in 2007, which marked a two-decade low. Two of the deaths were in Mexico, one was in Australia and one was in the U.S. In the U.S. alone, pit… [Read full blog post]