2003 Dog Bite Fatality: Anna Cieslewicz, Killed by Pit Bulls While Jogging

Dan Ryan Woods Attack River Forest, IL - On January 12, 2003, it was reported that two pit bull-mixes attacked two women joggers in the Dan Ryan Woods forest preserve -- seriously injuring one and killing another. The woman who was killed, 48-year-old Anna Cieslewicz of Evergreen Park, was a marathon runner, but even she was unable to outdistance the pit bulls that savagely killed her. Cieslewicz died of injuries she received on her arms, legs, torso and skull. Cieslewicz was… [Read full blog post]

Nick Foley Approaches High School; Mother Denounces 'Rehabilitating' Fighting Dogs

First Step Toward Adulthood Cary, IL - Nick was 10 years old in November of 2005 when he was violently attacked by a neighbor's three pit bulls. He spent six weeks in a hospital. Since then he has had 17 surgeries, many of them plastic surgery. So much flesh was shredded from his right forearm that he could wrap a finger and thumb around it. Nick is now approaching the milestone of high school. His mother worries how he will handle the inevitable questions about the scars left from th… [Read full blog post]