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6 thoughts on “Please Support Montana Representative Robyn Driscoll's House Bill 191

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  1. The dog fighter and breeder lobbying groups also use innocent-sounding names to hide their interests behind

    such as “responsible owner” groups, etc

  2. Didn’t know where to post ths…but its important. The Montana proposal to ban pit bulls was defeated; the state rep who sponsored the bill, Robyn Driscoll, had her life threatened by “pit bull lovers”

    Several of the e-mails Driscoll received contained crude slurs and profanity.

    “You should have been euthanized in our crib. Drop dead,” read part of one e-mail from an anonymous pit bull advocate.

    “Hey, I was born and raised in Montana, and I’m a registered sex offender. Maybe we can both be photographed” and posted on the offender registry together, wrote another.

    “You damage me and mine, and you’re going to pay a price. No brag, just fact,” wrote Roger Stephens, of Roundup.

    I think its gives us a very good picture of who our legislators are protecting by not regulating these dogs, huh?

  3. When word got out that the bill was Driscoll’s, pit bull owners clogged her voice mail and peppered her e-mail with physical threats if she didn’t rescind the proposal, which was heard Thursday as House Bill 191 in the House Local Government Committee in Helena.

    In the days leading up to the hearing, the chamber’s security force assigned guards to protect Driscoll and Local Government Committee members from attacks by dog owners.

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