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18 thoughts on “Brenda Hill, 68, Attacked by Pit Bulls While Taking Out the Trash

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  1. Indianapolis is a city with blinders on—recently the animal actvists have taken over animal control and will instigate adopting out pit bulls something the city has not done before. Know one seems to care—human life isn’t worth that much in this city.

  2. I think the city of Indianapolis needs to get its act together. There is a public safety disconnect when it comes to these pit bulls. How much does human life mean in this city? Not much– there will be no outrage. The pit bull people will once again spew the old lines it’s the irresponsible owner. All breeds have irresponsible owners not many breeds can take off someone’s legs.

  3. “I hate it that it HAD to happen?”
    That a woman may have both legs amputated due to your violent pit bulls and your backyard breeding puppy farm? They don’t come much more callous than Carroll.

  4. Another human aggressive pit breeding operation, just like the one that killed the man in Muncie a couple months ago.

    The Mayor of Indy must have a bottle a Maalox sitting on his desk…. He allowed the Pit Nutters to shut down breed restriction talk a couple of years ago.

    “Indy Pit Crew…Clean up on aisle three!”

  5. The City of Council Bluffs eliminated pit bull attacks after passing a ban in January 2005. In 2008, there were ZERO attacks attributed to pit bulls.


  6. I am so tired of seeing people savagely mauled by these dogs. Who cares about a jail sentence for this idiot owner? I just really want this woman to be able to walk again. I fear that she will not be able to.

  7. Reconstructive surgery on a diabetic’s legs is a very serious matter. Injury to the legs and feet of a diabetic will heal slowly and chances of infection are great. This lady faces an uphill battle.

  8. Woman speaks out about dog attack
    “The damage that they did to my mothers leg,” said Gregory Gilbert. Hill’s son broke down just talking about the attack and described his mother’s wounds.

    “From the back of the calf to the top of her heal, there is nothing,” he said.

    Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi charged dog owner Lee Carroll with two counts each of criminal dog bite liability and harboring a non-immunized animal misdemeanors. Brenda Hill’s son says the citations are not enough especially since his mother may be too afraid to even come back home..

    “I just want the city of Indianapolis to stop dragging their feet and do something about this,” said Gilbert.

  9. I am so upset by this story of the attack on Brenda Hill.

    What has this society come to when a lady cannot even be on her own property without being attacked?

    I am ashamed that our authorities had so little respect for Ms. Hill that they only charged misdemeanors for a serious crime.

    And I wonder, did animal control drop the ball on these dogs and fail to control them in the past? If so, they are liable.

    Animal control and authorities need to get tough and PROTECT INNOCENT PEOPLE from the criminals who own these dogs.

    Indianapolis also needs to clear out the no kill fanatics that have infested the city with their fanatical ideas. Aggressive dogs are getting handed out, and these aggressive dogs are being protected.


    Pit bull bites in the city are at a record high, and of 3,000 pit bulls in animal care here last year, nearly 2,500 were euthanized.

    An examination of animal control records by The Indianapolis Star shows that pit bull bites are at a record high — 282 in 2008, an increase of 33 percent from the previous year and about three times the total from 2006.

    In addition, an ordinance adopted two years ago to try to hold owners more accountable has failed. The new rule netted just one person who wouldn’t already have been punished under previous laws. All the while, bites are increasing, and horrific maulings, such as one last week on a 68-year-old woman, keep happening.

    The Star’s review of dog bites found that pit bulls not only are responsible for more bites than any other breed, but that those bites more often cause significant damage.

    One week ago, 68-year-old Brenda Hill was savagely mauled by a neighbor’s two pit bulls while taking out the trash at her house on Indianapolis’ Northside. She remained hospitalized Saturday and was listed in fair condition.

    Not surprisingly, some are skeptical of Rae’s plan to end the shelter’s policy of routinely euthanizing pit bulls and to adopt out as many as he can.

    Caress Garten, who was attacked by two pit bulls 16 years ago while walking in a park in Indianapolis, thinks the shelter policy of euthanizing the dogs was a “check on the numbers entering the community.”

    “The more pit bulls,” she said, “the higher the number of maulings.”


  11. An examination of animal control records by The Indianapolis Star shows that pit bull bites are at a record high — 282 in 2008, an increase of 33 percent from the previous year and about three times the total from 2006.

    It’s almost as if the Pit community gets emboldened if they have a legislative win against regulating their maulers.

    The best thing is to treat the situation like a band aid…just rip it off and put a ban in place.

  12. Pretty lousy response time for animal control in this town. Looks like Director Rae is doing a fine job!

    Other cities with a similar number of field officers as Indianapolis report better response times. El Paso Animal Services has 24 officers who respond to 35,000 calls per year in El Paso County, Texas. Their average response time to an attack is less than a half-hour, and their average response time to a stray is less than five hours, compared with 23 hours in Indianapolis.

    “I don’t know if we need more (staff) or if we just need to work better, work smarter,” said shelter Director Doug Rae, who took over a few weeks ago. He said he is working to improve conditions at the shelter and will change his focus to field operations later this year.

  13. “Hill’s son, Greg Gilbert, told 6News Tuesday that doctors are trying to treat a lingering infection in his mother’s knee and that the amputation plays into her worst fear – the loss of her INDEPENDENCE.”

    Pit bull attacks cause PERMANENT injury. When are cities going to wise up?

  14. Did you see this comment on the latest story about her amputation?


    I have worked at a veterinary hospital for 10 years and have seen many different pitbull personalities and felt poor ownership and mistreatment was the cause for attacks by pitbulls but last year I changed my mind. One of the vet’s adopted a pitbull and it’s puppy (to save from being euthanized). She has had the puppy from birth and it was in a very caring and loving environment. We tried over and over to socialize this male puppy but it was always standoffish and distrustful of everyone no matter what we tried. Then a couple of months ago it attacked the veterinarian and also it’s own mother. This dog was afforded the best of care in a social and loving environment but still reverted to it’s inherit desire to maim, fight and kill. “

  15. “This dog was afforded the best of care in a social and loving environment but still reverted to it’s inherit desire to maim, fight and kill.”

    Diagnosis: Pit Bull!

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