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5 thoughts on “Edmonton Victim Sues Pit Bull Owner for $2 Million

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  1. How would Dogsbite feel about having a section for dog bite attorney referrals on your website? It seems that victims are often unaware of their legal rights. Perhaps an attorney who specializes in litigating dog bite cases could do a guest post regarding steps victims should take.

    Also, are there any resources available for people whose companion animal was killed by a pit bull? Most communities do not penalize dog owners for dog on dog attacks. Should people who have incurred huge vet bills go through small claims court? How does one go about getting a case heard in small claims court?

    This information may be helpful to Dogsbite readers.

  2. One thought. Many people who try to save their pets from attack get hurt.

    This can be bites, but can also be back injury, whiplash, strain, etc

    In every dog attack, there needs to be a lawsuit. That is the only way this madness will stop.

  3. I agree that dogsbite should have guest lawyers write about different lawsuit possibilities. I want to know under what situation might an individual sue a city?

  4. Everyone dog lovers and non dog-lovers need to write to their city councillor in their area as it is of great concern in Edmonton area that dogs are allowed to roam free or even are sicked on people to attack others without any provocation whatsoever. Enough is enough, the dogowners,and the ownerss of the property are totally accountable as the dogs are just doing what they are told. The victims have life altering experiences that leave them in horrendous pain, laim,shell shoked, and unable to enjoy life at all, as they lose everything, including quality of life worth living. Everyone please write to your city councilor, and ask them what they are doing about this when are they going to change the law, as people don't walk the street in fear of being attacked. Remember only if we make them change, then there will change, if we do nothing then there will be no change Edmonton citizens take action now. Write to your city council before it is one of your loved one whom is shredded apart by a pack of dogs Write now, fill it in on the city website. Do contact your city councilor now or else the dog owners will continue to let their dogs roam free to terrorize innocent people whom did nothing wrong. Now is the time to give the support, write to your city councilor in your ward.

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