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7 thoughts on “Comment: Pit Bull that Takes Three Bullets for Family is Anecdotal Evidence

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  1. I’m breathless.

    “when the officer’s partner ended the incident by discharging the shotgun he was carrying – loaded with a solid shot round – that DID kill the pit bull.”

    How can anyone argue that these dogs are not dangerous?

  2. Most animal hero stories are contrived nonsense carved from circumstance. My money says this pit approached out of curiosity and was too dull to understand he was being shot.

    And if that’s not the case, doesn’t this go against all the clamoring that pits make poor watch dogs and will “only lick you to death?”

    Add this story to the one about the pig that supposedly went out and lay in the road to stop a car. That account says the pig did this so its owner could be discovered on the kitchen floor where she lay incapacitated by a heart attack. She was found! EMS was called! The pig understood the situation, formulated a plan, and is a lifesaving hero! (Bupppphhhh!)

    Anyone gullible enough to believe these fabrications should consider the bridge I have for sale – the Brooklyn Bridge. And if you buy it this week, I’ll throw in two pit bulls that are friendly towards everyone EXCEPT bad guys!

  3. These people are truly sick. I can’t believe the number of people, in the comment section, that want to pay the vet bill. No one wants to pay the medical bills for human victims.
    What did the man entering the home want? wink wink. These people are the type to own a pit bull and don’t have the money, $1500, to pay the vet bill. Let me think, what might they have had that a man would want to steal. I can’t seem to fugure this out, maybe some of you can help me.
    If it walks like duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck.

  4. There is no doubt that we are seeing more and more shotguns used to kill these dogs. That’s insane…

  5. David, you made me laugh, because my husband saw the story on TV, and was telling me about it…he said the same thing. What do you suppose the “random intruder” was after in that house?????

    My husband said there was obviously more to that story, and the homeowners did not seem quite as innocent as they made themselves out to be…the story was fishy. We both grew up in rough urban neighborhoods, and know whats what!

  6. I’ve been reading through the comment section of this story. Here are some comments of interest.
    #’s 131,134,142,145,156,159,165,215,278. In comment #134 Hank, a neighbor says,”This house that was the victim of a “home invasion” is on a nice block and looks like a house on the river in the movie Deliverance. If in fact it was a random “home invasion” why would they choose that house ? Oh, Also keep in mind that there are multible adults that live over there. Including a group of 20-something thugs who have rap sheets that include assault w/a deadly weapon, burglary, concealing stolen property, and drug charges”.
    Other neighbors comment the police have been called about the dogs attacking and some have been removed and put down. Also they believe the bank is in the process of forclosing and they hope the owners will soon be removed from the neiborhood altogether.

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