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13 thoughts on “Elderly Man And Son Attacked By Pit Bull in Atlanta

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  1. After watching the video, I’m going to guess the dog owner’s didn’t maintain liability insurance on the dog.

    Let’s hope FCAS doesn’t launder this mauler out to the Dogmen.

  2. Another Level 5 mauling…The trademark of the Pit Bull!

    Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Six Levels (degrees) of Bites:

    Level 1: This bite does not touch the skin. The dog is air biting or snapping.

    Level 2: This bite makes contact with the skin, but doesn’t break the skin. Pain and bruising may result, but no abrasions will be visible.

    Level 3: This bite ranges from a one to three punctures in a single bite with on puncture less than ½ the depth of the eye-tooth (fang) with or without some tearing.

    Level 4: The dog is putting great pressure into the bite. 1 to 4 puncture wounds with or without tearing, more than ½ the depth of the eye tooth. This is usually accompanied with bruising and likely to require medical attention. These injuries suggest the dog grabbed and shook what was in it’s mouth.

    Level 5: Multiple level 4 bites. This dog is usually beyond the ability to reason and may feel his/her life is threatened.

    Level 6: The dog has killed.

  3. Comment from a family member:

    This is my grandfather and my father. I am highly upset and I don’t appreciate them laughing and closing the door when they were asked why their dumb dog attacked my 64 year old grandfather. I am away at college so to see this is not sitting well with me. I hope that my family press charges because these people seem to have no sympathy or empathy for an elderly man putting up Christmas decorations

  4. I am so sorry for your grandfather. These types of dog owners, however, almost never have sympathy and typically blame the victim for the attack. Contact Randy Travis (reporter) and tell him who you are. He might be able to help you. He’s been following this particular animal control agency:

  5. I’m sorry that happened to your family.
    Perhaps something will be done, now that there is such scrutiny on the Animal Shelter.

  6. It looked like the owners were laughing about it. Passive aggressive behavior, they don’t have the courage to attack so they let a dog do this for them. They want there neighbors to be afraid. Thats why so many people have shotguns leaned up at their backdoor.

  7. If the neighbors cared at all about your grandfather, they would have never gotten such a dog in the first place. You will get no sympathy from them. I hope your grandfather is doing well and that your Christmas won’t be overshadowed by this event.

  8. “Thats why so many people have shotguns leaned up at their backdoor.”

    This made me chuckle because I have a shotgun leaning against the wall next to the back door. (Browning BPS pump, modified invector choke tube, plug removed, 3″ mag with #2 shot… Truly a “pit bull rig” for close in work.)


  9. It is time to sue Fulton County. I hope this family will do this.

    Fulton County sent their animal control services to a private organization that is endangering the public.

    This is what Jere Alexander (and her followers now running animal control) have brought to Fulton County, and the County itself itself is to blame for letting this go on.

  10. A big problem with trying to fight a pit bull with something like a hammer is that it will only piss them off. They will become more determined, biting harder and shaking which will inflict even more damage. I have seen dog fighting footage of the f*[email protected] in the pit with their dog, slapping them to rile them up further. You really should have a gun. End that nightmare quick.

    I hope the Nale family has already talked to a lawyer.

    As for Jere Alexander, I got a feeling that she is now in North Carolina.

  11. Yes! to the passive aggressive remark, and again, it looks like “normalcy envy”.

    That family was sharing a tradition, and are obviously close-knit, and the dog owner wanted to mess things up.
    The only holiday decorations she probably ever had in her yard were empty beer cans and fast food wrappers.

  12. Good thoughts to the Jones family, I watched the video…Mrs. Jones appeared a gracious lady, and my heart went out to her son, who clearly was shaken by the thought that his dad could have been killed.

    Your neighbors are trash, they are ignorant animals. Get a lawyer… here are some links to dog bite attorneys in Atlanta..

    You should not have to pay for the medical bills, and if these people have homeowners insurance, they may be prohibited from ever having another dog by their insurer.

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