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6 thoughts on “Coverage of Zupf's Pit Bull Attack Victim Videos -

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  1. It’s so good they are out there.
    Before when you were looking for movies of pit bull attacks all you used to find was pit bull propaganda movies showing pit bulls as being cute. Now you can find the truth easily.
    I love this site! Good work.

  2. The pitters always claim that the media is responsible for our “bias” against pitbulls. This would only be true if every pit bull attack were reported in every newspaper and on all news, for all across the country to see every time. But this is not true. I read local and national newspapers, national on-line news, and watch local and national news on TV. I’d venture to say that, through all those news sources, I hear of 1% of the pit bull attacks that are covered on If it werent’ for this site, putting all these stories together, I would not know the true extent of all the mayhem caused by pitbulls in this country. Before I found this site, I did know that pit bulls were dangerous dogs from the handful of stories that I had heard about over many years. About every three months, I would google “pit bull attack” and would find one or two new stories buried deep in the search results, but I never had the time to research fully — my point is that even though I did google “pit bull attack,” I still did not find all the stories that are listed on this site.

    I am glad I found this site, and plan to donate in the new year, because i think what you are doing here is a great service to the community. Were it not for your tireless efforts and research, I would not know the full extent of the pit bull problem (breeders, dog-fighting, infiltration into Animal Control, anti-BSL, and no-kill).

    Although I have known for many years that pits are a problem, I had no idea how insidious the problem truly is — no idea how the DogMen had insidiously infiltrated the justice system and A/C systems in our society to further their own ends.

    The Zupf videos, combined with this site, will hopefully educate and enlighten enough of us so that we can make a difference and stop the killing of another American every twenty days.

    That statement should be blasted across headlines all over the country — but it is not. If the media truly is so biased against pit bulls and just manipulating all of us into believing pits are killers and not just sweet lil wigglebutts, that statistic would be well-known. But it is not. The first time I saw that stastitic, I became physically ill.

    Again, Thank You!

  3. Also consider many attacks are never reported at all. When I was attacked, the local media refused to report my story, simply because I was walking up to my neighbor’s door at the time of the attack. The media people told me they didn’t want to touch it since I was “on her property”. That’s right. In America now, you can’t even walk up to a neighbor’s house without “expecting” to be attacked by a dog. It’s ridiculous.

  4. PIT BULL ZEALOTS all say “there is no legal definition of what a pit bulls is”. Funny they say that-because dog fighters must be more sophisticated than scientists-they sure know what pit bulls are!

    In this country, dogs have more rights than children and human safety. A person’s pit bull can mangle a child and nothing is done. Nothing. Even returned to the owner and there has to be a court decision to euthanize it-this is sick beyond sick-it SHOULD be euthanized without question! and the owners charged as though they have done the crime themselves with equal liability legally and finanically.

  5. It’s true that so many pitbull attacks go unreported. I had a friend who owned 2 and it attacked a neighbor’s dogs and bit several people, but she paid the bills and it went un-reported. I think this is common if the damage isn’t lethal. My dog was attacked by 4 pitbulls in a doggy daycare, and reported in the nightly news on TV, but they would NOT state the breed. Because I was holding out for the owner of the daycare to pay the $6000 plus vet bills, I did not report it. He did come through for 5 of it, but in the end I was too exhausted to fight and was just glad my dog survived having his flesh torn open from head to toe and more than 200 staples and internal injuries to his organs. The daycare is now out of business. But I regret not having the opportunity to report the incident. I was also afraid of retaliation by the pitbull owners as they are often zealots. This could also be a reason that people don’t report incidents. Ironically, my mom now lives next to an aggressive pitbull, and I am fearful that again our worlds (me and the pb’s) may collide. There is NOTHING you can do until there is an attack, and then good luck to you!

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