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11 thoughts on “Pit Bull-Mix Owner 'Surprised' by Sudden Attack

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  1. This guy should also be arrested for child endangerment.

    Another fool who was too stupid to figure out pit bulls don’t belong around kids (or any human or animal for that matter)

  2. I think this is a job for FABB and the wacky animal lawyer Adam Karp. They get a judge to grant a stay of execution and start a petition to save poor misunderstood Ryder.

  3. Did anyone notice the great lengths this clown took to defend the dog as not aggressive but the story ends with them willingly giving the dog up because they wouldn’t feel comfortable with Ryder in the house?

    Is Brandon Grob lying to us or himself?

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  5. Kudos to Jefferson County A/C.

    Once this owner faces the reality of the mounting medical bills he should sue the breeder of this “Level 3 Safety threat”. The dumbass and disloyal mauler didn’t make 7 months in the home before becoming defective product.

  6. GEE, think the shelter adopted out a “boxer-mix” in this instance? Or that the breeder told the family it was a “boxer-mix?” Where did this dog come from? I’m also having a difficult time determining the “boxer” qualities in this dog. It appears to be a full pit bull to me.

    And why isn’t Brandon Grob being charged with child endangerment? He’s CRYING over the dog being put down after the animal attacked a family member — who might even be his daughter! It seems a difficult CHOICE for Grob and his family to euthanize this dog.

    Did anyone in the family ask how Jolyssa felt? Think she would want Ryder back in the house after it tore off half her face?

    You’ve got to be kidding me!

  7. I am surprised that more womens advocacy groups have not relized the risk factor associated with having a male family member/boyfriend with a pit bull. Women and children who are victims of violent men are often subjected to their aggressive dogs. I wonder how many victims of domestic abuse/child abuse have also been forced to live in fear of their partners/brothers/husbands/fathers pit bull. I’d love to hear from some social workers on their thoughts. We already know from ER doctors and nurses that pit bulls account for the majority of serious bites they see.

    Having a male family member who owns a pit bull type dog should be a red flag for DYS workers; I think a dog attack by a fighting breed should prompt an automatic investigation of the family.

  8. Sad for the little girl, but they say the dog was raised wrong or it is the genetics of the dog. Debbie Beard is a Pit Bull breeder in Madras, Oregon. Is this the type of pit bull pets that she breeds for sale to others? Breeders need to be watched like a hawk!

  9. This is really strange. The guy appears to be more concerned about the damn pit bull than he is about his daughter. There seem to be an awful lot of instances where pit bulls raised as family pets attack their owners or other family members. A dog that attacks a child needs to be destroyed. Period.

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