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3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Kills Grandmother, 74, in Johannesburg

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  1. Oh yeah the nutters are on this story too:
    Says Pitbullmommy:
    Absolutely ridiculous! I mean seriously, they did nothing to help the poor lady. I would have been on that dog in a heartbeat. I would have poked his eyes out of its sockets before letting the lady died in front of my eyes.

    YEAH RIGHT! The news is BURSTING with pit bull owners sacrificing themselves to save the life of another from jaws of their frankenstein dogs.
    The owners either seem to be no where in sight or do nothing at all. On the rare occasion that they intercede, they are impotent, like Clinansmith in Not So Happy Valley OR.

  2. There are multiple attacks in South Africa listed on the above story. Get a load of this one (man was mauled by two Staffordshire bull terriers during an epileptic fit):

    She said certain dogs were more aggressive than others. If people noticed that a puppy was aggressive at around three to four months, then it was possible that that dog had inherent aggression.

    Dogs had a latent prey drive that dated back to their wild ancestors and severe, unnatural, movements could trigger this drive, she said.

    The gardener is alleged to have suffered an epileptic fit before he was attacked. “Screaming awakes the latent prey drive.”

    She said the strong jaws of the more aggressive breeds would make any wound more severe. Such breeds included the Japanese Sharpei, Staffordshire bull terriers and pitbulls. Boerboels also had genes which made them more aggressive.

    Gardener mauled by dogs still in ICU

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