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8 thoughts on “Orange County, NC Finally Passes Anti-Tethering Ordinance

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  1. All of us need to take a good hard look at our local animal control committees, shelter boards of directors and staff, legislators to determine if dogfighters and breeders have infiltrated and are opposing laws (or not enforcing laws) on behalf of their business interests.

    There are more of these people out there who haven’t been detected yet!

  2. The bizarro mindset of pit breeders amazes me.
    Responsible breeders of other dog focus on the happiness and well being of the canine, and truly ‘love the breed’, pitties churn out the most miserable creatures into the most miserable lives, their ‘love for the breed’ means ‘love for their own ego’ which is stuck in the terrible twos.

  3. Another story on this

    This is how many of these breeders and dog fighters infiltrate.

    They try to claim they are “experts” and toss around their college degrees to try to impress.

    You’ll see them writing papers that pile up all kinds of statistics and “scientific evauluations” that support breeders’ claims or positions.

    Since college degrees, law licenses, and other “credentials” are a dime a dozen these days, it’s all meaningless.

    And if you did deeper into these things, all their “proofs” are a house of cards that easily tumbles.

    And there are many vets, scientists, and the like who work for or in the dog breeding, dog fighting, puppy mill, whatever world!

    A degree or a license doesn’t mean a person is honest or ethical.

    Business lobbies like the tobacco industry, liquor industry, drugs manufacturers, etc have been using these pseudo “experts” or “experts for hire” to manipulate authorities for a long time, and the dog breeder industry does it too.

    Some people in city or town governments are very susceptible to these games and are easily awed and tricked.

  4. “Responsible breeders of other dog focus on the happiness and well being of the canine, and truly ‘love the breed’,”

    Sorry, I can’t agree.

    The AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations, and its “responsible” breeders are busy lobbying FOR the mills on behalf of the AKC (and also against bsl)

    and “responsible” breeders are right in there with the dog fighting and breeding lunatics opposing any kind of law that affects breeders, to the point that they are supporting animal abuse

    The “responsible” dog breeding world just isn’t

  5. More on Koki

    “There is other evidence that Koki may be involved in breeding dogs for fighting. On July 7, 2006, authorities in Dane County, Wis., taped a conversation between Koki and a man named Robert Lowery, a former sheriff’s deputy accused of dog-fighting and drug trafficking. A transcript of the conversation was introduced as evidence in Lowery’s trial.

    “Does Jeff still have that Lucky dog?” Lowery asked Koki over a recorded jail phone line.

    “No … it lost again,” she responds.

    Koki also tried to gain possession of Lowery’s pit bulls, which were seized and held at the Dane County Humane Society. Koki visited the shelter twice to try to convince the staff to turn the dogs over to her, says Dave Madden, the animal care director.”

  6. “The girl at our shelter said she has a pit bull and they are the most wonderful dogs. “

    Lots of adult little girls have pit bulls.

    They have no clue about how to handle them or about the problems.

    Then the pit bulls bite or kill someone or their pet.

    Then the little girls blame the victim.

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