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5 thoughts on “Family Dog Mauls Toddler in Ardmore, Oklahoma

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  1. More pro-pit bull Animal Control lying about pit bulls to protect the breeders?

    When are citizens going to clean out the pit bull propagandists they are giving tax money to?

    And this is the dog the pit bull industry calls the “Nanny dog.” It rips up children routinely.

    When will the propaganda start getting challenged by an informed media resistant to fairy tales from the pit bull people?

  2. So, a dog that had lived for five years with a family….who had a four and two year old, which means the dog lived with a child for four years without incident, with two children for the past two years without incident….flips its lid suddenly and mauls the two year old?

    And we are to believe that these dogs are not dangerous and unpredictable?

  3. A couple of quotes from the video footage:

    “Just seconds later the family’s pit bull was attacking the two year old in the face.”

    “The Ardmore animal control says that pit bulls often attack children because pit bulls don’t like eye to eye level eye contact.”

  4. Look at the comment by keri in that article, who claims to be the mother.

    She is defending the reputation of pit bulls! while the kid is in the hostial ripped up

    She is trying to hide that it was a pit bull and I wonder why. Is this part of a pit breeding operation that she is trying to cover for?

  5. I am continually astonished by American Bulldog owners lack of understanding of their dogs and their origins.
    They ARE pit bulls. You don’t have to take my word for it, listen to pit bull expert, Diane Jessup.

    The Working Pit Bull p82-83
    “A breed that until the late 1980s was virtually unheard of, this breed, I believe was “manufactured” from existing lines of large pit bulldogs during the eighties to attract the novice Pit Bull owner who thought “bigger is better.” Some lines are probably pure Pit Bulls which survived and developed along unique lines in secluded Southern states. Some lines of this “purebred” are APBTs crossed with any of a half dozen large Mastiff-type breeds. This breed has been endowed with a rich and rather fictional history by the breeds promoters. These dogs are rarely fought, but instead are sold as a sort fo “super guard dog” endowed with all sorts of supernatural abilities. It is marketed almost exclusively to those people who want a “big Pit Bull” for guard or attack work.”

    The Working Pit Bull p84
    “The American Bulldog is almost identical to the Pit Bulldog, and is identified by its massive size.”

    The best history of the American Bulldog is found at

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