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9 thoughts on “Rottweiler Inflicts 3,000 Stitches on Victim; Judge Frees Dog

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  1. From the other story, the county judge that set this dangerous dog free to attack or kill again is County Judge Robert Jacon

    There needs to be a complaint and an investigation

    This judge is a danger to the community.

  2. For some reason Judges in the Northeast seem to be reluctant to order dangerous dogs to be put down. There have been numerous incidents of Judges making the cowardly decision of ordering the dog out of town instead of doing the responsible thing.

  3. The East seems to be steeped in “property rights” laws… and other things of this nature. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is either. But clearly, there is something WRONG.

  4. From the original writer (of the first article). DBO pegged it, the judge ruled that this kids “must” have provoked the dog into attacking and causing the need for 3000 stitches! UNREAL!

    “The two girls, who were present when the attack occurred, were not called as witnesses,” Jacon wrote in his ruling. “Without any testimony to explain the dog’s conduct in the moments leading up to the attack, the court is unable to determine whether the dog’s conduct was unjustified. Such a determination cannot be made based on the testimony and evidence presented at the hearing.”

  5. This judge has been already made a fool of

    From the above article “She says in the course of answering claims she makes in a civil lawsuit against her brother, Stephen Agar, he argues the girl should have known better than to go near the dog because the dog is vicious.”

    The owner ADMITS that the dog is vicious.

    So this manipulated judge just sent a vicious dog out to maim or kill again.

    This judge needs to removed. He is a danger to the public.

    This judge seems to be confused about the difference between people and dogs. There is no justification for any dog to do this.

    Since this Jacon is elected, it does make one wonder what his affiliations are with any special interest groups.

  6. It is so clear that this judge has been given large political donations by “responsible” dog groups. If I were Henry Bauer, I would be checking into any city or state group titled “Responsible Dog Owners of…” and find out their activity with Jacon.

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