10/23-27/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#338: Police Kill Attacking Pit Bull in Austin 10/23/08 | Austin, TX Summary: Austin police shot and killed an angry pit bull that mauled a woman, putting her in the hospital with serious injuries. Officers say shots were fired as a last resort. "She was mauled on her fingers, on her wrist, behind her legs...It was pretty gruesome," said Michael Garcia, neighbor. A separate report said the woman had been dogsitting the pit bull when it attacked an English bulldog. She was injur… [Read full blog post]

Ontario Court Of Appeals Upholds Province's Pit Bull Ban

Pit Bulls Ruled "Unpredictable" Toronto, CA - Pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable dogs that have the potential to attack without warning, the Ontario Court of Appeal said today in a decision upholding the province's ban on the animals. The Ontario government enacted the Dog Owners' Liability Act in 2005 to ban the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls after several incidents in which the dogs attacked people.The ruling confirms that the ban is constitutional. Th… [Read full blog post]

10/16-21/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#330: Police Kill Dog Attacking Goats 10/16/08 | Anson, TX Summary: Back in September, a police officer shot a pit bull attacking a baby goat. Anson Police Chief Patrick Hawthorne said that before the incident the city had impounded three goats, one of which was a baby. They had also impounded a pit bull and put it in a separate location. But the pit bull escaped its pen and attacked the baby goat -- the leg was severed and the goat was bleeding profusely. The officer shot and killed… [Read full blog post]

10/09-15/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#321: Man Attacked by Two Pit Bulls Shoots One 10/09/08 | Oildale, CA Summary: A man who shot a dog in Oildale was under attack at the time, according to the Kern County Sheriff's Office. Elmer Walker, 72, was walking on the 700 block of the north alley of Woodrow Avenue when two pit bulls pushed open a gate where they lived and attacked the man. Walker hit one of the dogs with a stick and shot the other dog with a .22 revolver he's permitted to carry. The gun fire caused the dogs the retre… [Read full blog post]

10/01-08/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#309: Seneca Police Shoot, Kill Two Pit Bulls 10/01/08 | Seneca, SC Summary: Officer Andy Caudill was responding to complaints of two "loose and vicious" dogs near downtown Seneca when one attacked him, Chief John Covington said. When officers Robbie Johnson and J.B. Smith arrived at the scene, the two pits attempted to attack them, which prompted the officers to shoot the dogs. Both dogs were eventually found dead. Pit bulls killed: 2 #310: A Beer, a Pit Bull and a Rifle 10/01… [Read full blog post]

Each Humane Society is a Separate and Distinct Organization

Humane Society Organizations An important fact for readers of DogsBite.org is that there is no connection between local humane societies and the national organization, The Humane Society of the United States. The HSUS is the largest animal advocacy organization in the United States and was founded in 1954. The organization also works with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm section of the Department of Justice to find and arrest dogfighters. There is no national organiza… [Read full blog post]