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7 thoughts on “Zero Pit Bulls, Zero Pit Bull Attacks

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  1. This sounds too Draconian.

    I think an effective compromise would be fitting all Pit owners with an exploding collar linked to an RF Chip embedded in the jaws of thier pet. If the pit bites and does not release, the collar explodes on the third chomp.

    Sound fair?

  2. All other animals that pose a threat to our lives are regulated. I beleive pets should be chosen from domesticated animals. It is clear that fighting dogs are not animals that should be pets. I don’t see how things could be any clearer. How many more people need to die at the hands of the people that own these dogs.
    The responsibility falls to our policy makers. You people need to step up and provide safe living conditions. Human safety should come before pet ownership.
    Young boys shouldn’t have to fight for their lives with a pocket knife against two pit bull.
    Young children should not have their throats ripped out by a fighting dog.
    Our elderly should be able to live out their years in peace, not in fear from the pit bull owner down the street.
    Any henderance we put on pit bull ownership is saving lives.
    We need to stay our ground, the life we save may be our own.
    The number of lives that have been saved by the information on this site is something we will never know, but I beleive it is a great many.
    Thank you Collen for the great job you are doing.


    Go to that site and read thread 7060 – pit nutters actually believe their dogs are not risky, pose no threat whatsoever, and that aggression is perfectly acceptable. I say ban the dogs, there is no way these people will ever care to protect any of us.

  4. I agree that it's not the pit bull's fault they were bred this way, any more than it is the fault of all the various "extreme look" breeds who have health problems and early deaths encoded in their genes by breeders who care more about a look than the animal's well-being.

    Either way, it's time to let these unfortunate creatures go extinct and all of the misery they cause and experience go with them.

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