Dramatic Decline in Attacks by Pit Bulls Since Pawtucket Adopted Pit Bull Ban in 2004

Bites Drop Dramatically Pawtucket, RI - The Valley Breeze recently published over 13-years of pit bull bite data showing the long-term success of Pawtucket's 2004 pit bull ban. The Breeze gained the data through an open records request to the Pawtucket Police Department and Pawtucket Animal Control. After enforcement of the ban began in 2004, attacks inflicted by pit bulls on people and pets in the city quickly plunged into scarcity. Citizens and their pets enjoy this same… [Read full blog post]

Announcement: Happy Birthday DogsBite.org and Upcoming Dog Bite Victims' Advocacy Event

DogsBite.org Turns Five-Years Old DogsBite.org - October 15, 2012 marks the fifth year that DogsBite.org has been operating on the World Wide Web, documenting statistics and providing resources to help prevent serious dog attacks. Our news comes on the heels of a press release issued for the upcoming October Tucson event: Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs. National dog bite victims' advocates, including founder Colleen Lynn and Anthony Solesky will… [Read full blog post]

Ode to Michael Vick and a Savage Breed of Dog; Columnist Unleashes

It's Rah-Rah Season! Lehigh Valley, PA - Every now and again, a truly sparkling editorial or column comes along with torturous humor.1 The most recent example comes from columnist Paul Carpenter of The Morning Call, who swipes a heavy blow at Michael Vick and his forever association to a breed of dog that has "recently enjoyed a series of triumphs over adversaries" in the region, including the brutal killing of Carmen Ramos -- a "splendid display of teamwork" by five pit bulls… [Read full blog post]

'Yard Accident' at Best Friends Involving Two Vick Dogs Leaves Third Dog Dead

Beans Identified UPDATE 10/13/10: Late last night, a person sent us information about Beans. The dog's web page is still in Google Cache. Beans is a pit bull and what dogfighters call a cur. The person also pointed us to a website, Best of Friends, Worst of Friends, that further details Saturday's incident and possibly why Best Friends went public with information. The website dings Tug as the aggressor. Beans was allegedly found dead in his dog run, no match for the "Victory Pi… [Read full blog post]

Collection of Best Friends Animal Society Related Posts - DogsBite.org

Best Friends shamelessly "merchandised" the Vick dogs after receiving them. DogsBite.org - We've gathered a collection of posts that relate to our coverage of Utah-based fighting dog advocates, Best Friends Animal Society. The collection includes distinct posts pertaining to Best Friends, as well as posts about "rehabilitating" fighting dogs, Michael Vick's pit bulls, the National Football League and professional athletes with "pit bull problems." We've also inc… [Read full blog post]

Letter: The NFL Must Sever Ties with 'Pit Bulls' Once and For All

Letter to Commissioner Goodell | PDF DogsBite.org - Prior to Michael Vick's reinstatement to the National Football League and in the wake of James Harrison's pet pit bull unleashing a violent attack on his 2-year old son and wife, DogsBite.org sent a letter to Commissioner Goodell1. We asked in our July 23 letter that the NFL take a stand against the ownership of pit bulls by its players or risk this prized All-American sport going to the "pits." We also asked that Vick address t… [Read full blog post]

Professional Athletes and Pit Bulls: Dogfighting, Abuse and Violent Attacks

The Athlete-Pit Bull Connection DogsBite.org - A 2007 New York Times article written by Selena Roberts comments on the NFL's pet problem. The scene, she writes, has become the "puppy mill for pit-bull lore." It's hardly a leap to understand why football players closely identify with pit bulls, the ultimate canine warrior. Rhonda Evans, a University of Louisiana-Lafayette professor, is also quoted in the article: "[Pit bulls] fight to the death...Turning away is conside… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Pit Bull Victim List from June to October 2006

Sports Column Comment While searching the Internet for various tasks, we ran across a comment that was left at a sports website on July 26th 2007. Michael Vick -- and his demise -- was in the news at the time. The comment was left at AJC.com, an Atlanta based publication, in a sports blog. Michael Vick was the topic of conversation, as was the fate of the Falcon football team. The bantering amongst the comments touched on aspects like: the actions of "one player" should not cause a w… [Read full blog post]