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3 thoughts on “Springfield, Missouri Councilman Opposes Effective Pit Bull Law

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  1. Pit people are always bitten by chiuhuahua’s, mini poodles, etc. Usually more than ones. Normal dogs just don’t like them. That’s why they have pits. These pits always wag their tails. The owners see this as a sign of affection but it is just bred into the breed, it doesn’t mean anything.

  2. I would like one of the victims of a pit bull to send this distinguished councilman a picture of your injuries. Let him understand the difference between a Chihuahua and a pit bull. The pit bull was created to fight and kill other dogs—-that’s it. Any breed bred for fighting should not be a family pet. Too many tragedies.

  3. Ah..The fairness argument!

    I think it’s not fair that one child gets and chihuahua puncture wound and another gets a life shattering mutilation and a helicopter ride from a pit bull.

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