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6 thoughts on “Break Sticks: A Tool Used to Pry Open a Pit Bull's Jaws

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  1. It is difficult for owners of breeds other than pit bulls to deal with the concept of a break stick. We just don’t get it, but pit bull owners sure should. When even their own organizations tell them to be prepared to pry their dog off the innocent, they have made a very telling statement.

  2. If you are going to get mauled by a pit, Vick’s dogs are the ones you want to get mauled by. The Federal Governement made the rescues carry $1 Million in liability insurance on them.

  3. If you visit the bowels of the nutter boards, veteran pit owners will often counsel the horrified plebs who just had their first dog aggression explosion. Some of the nutters perpetually “crate and rotate” several pits to keep them apart and keep a break stick in every room of the house for when the festivities start. It’s frickin’ nuts!

  4. I looked into Best Friends, and found something interesting.

    They don’t routinely take pit bulls from their own state Utah, for the obvious reasons like have to be caged separately, aggression with other animals, not lots of good homes want them,

    Here is a news article where they turned away abandoned Utah pit bulls but then took the Vick dogs and all that money.

    They are also using the Vick dogs to raise money, really using them as promotion.

    The no kill people seem to be part of the problem, including for the dogs.

  5. Thank u for seeing these monsters for what they R before it was too late almost. Adopted one Cuz of that fatal myth they hide behind n the how their raised! Instead I have great dachshund!! Ur sight more than likelyf saved my life n family members from a.

  6. Who on earth is going to put a stick in a killing dog's mouth? If I have to anything like that, I would use the barrel of a gun, and, if I am losing, I could just pull the trigger. That would open the jaws!

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