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8 thoughts on “Argument and Sitting in Chair Leads to Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Isn’t it funny how all of the pit nutters start screaming about “trigger happy cops” when they hear about a pit bull being shot, that is until THEY are the target of the pit bull’s rage!

  2. Always refreshing when the adult owner takes the mauling instead of some innocent…These are also beneficial to society as the Police cull the man-mauler before it can strike outside the family.

  3. I honestly don’t care when a pit bull attacks its owner. The way I see it, a dog that attacks its owner is a dog that is umpteen times more likely to attack a completely innocent victim. Geesh, it’s a freakin’ blessing when its first and last victim is the idiot that would own him!

  4. Must be something about crouching down picking weeds or sitting that makes these dumbass-maulers think a human is another matchdog.

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