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9 thoughts on “Letter: Wendy Blevins Writes Letter to Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey

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  1. One woman up against the $40 Billion a year petcare industry. I have a feeling Omaha will waffle and kick this can down the road for a few years.

  2. Fahey should hang his head in shame. He sold out this woman, her child, and the citizens of Omaha.

  3. Wendy’s letter clearly relates the heartache and terror she has endured as a direct result of her city’s choice to allow pit bulls. Only the selfish and hard-hearted can dismiss or discount her experience, especially when considered in tandem with the many tragedies attributable to pit bulls, not just in Omaha, but across the nation.

    It is time to hold elected officials accountable, and the only professional survey on the pit bull issue indicates the majority of voting citizens desire breed specific regulation. Demand it. Ask every perspective candidate for a position statement and by pass those who are fooled by the double talk and unreason of a preposterous pit bull advocacy.

  4. I do it too you know. I never ty the collar around my toy poodle’s neck but always slipp it closed over her head. That way I’m 100 percent sure she will be able to free herself from her leash and escape in case of a pitbull attack.

    It’s just plain criminal to put a collar this way on a killer dog like this pit and than take it for a walk.

  5. The fundamental question is….

    If dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states, why is it still legal to breed fighting dogs?

    Why not simply add mandatory spay and neuter of all pit bull type dogs to this proposal until they slowly disappear from the pet population?


    The words of an individual that understands “GAMENESS,” the pit bull’s genetic trait of NOT stopping an attack once it starts. I invite the entire staff of the Nebraska Humane Society to directly confront this issue. This issue alone supports ALL REASONS to ban these dogs from our communities.

  7. What this mother describes is very moving. In this day of CSI and other very violent films that focus on people slaying other humans it’s hard for people to get their arms around the fact that pits are natural born killers.
    Made by man not God. The poor mother describes the unpredictability, tenatiousness and prey drive of this dog. Omaha should have realized their task is first and foremost to protect human beings. There are good pit bulls–but their have also been pits thought to be good family dogs that mauled a family member. Why in common sense protect this dog? The pit bull is way too much dog for most people. The breed must be spayed and neutered way down–because most good people don’t want one.

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