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3 thoughts on “Comment: Hero Politicians Stand Up to the Pit Bull Lobby

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  1. One more point I would like to make…it is quite natural that politicians will hear more from the pit bul owners and breeders when BSL is proposed; they are the ones with a financial stake in this, they will be “inconvenienced”, by having to register, muzzle their dogs, build a fence, etc. So the calls, letters, and e-mails will quite naturally come from that side of the argument.

    The quiet majority, the people who want the dogs banned, will not be motivated to speak out….for instance, if you walked down the street in my neighborhood and asked homeowners if they would vote for a ban on pit bulls, they would all say yes. But none of these people would show up to speak at a public hearing on the matter. In general, only the victims of dog attacks speak up, and often even they are too intimidated to come forward. Every elderly person I know wants the dogs banned, virtually every parent of small children I know wants the dogs banned, every small dog owner I have ever met wants pit bulls banned.

    Mayor Fahey should consider that the tantrums of the pit activists are simply a tempest in a teapot. He should get one of his interns to take every letter or e-mail advocating against BSL and check them against the voter registration list. The majority of them won’t be there, I am sure. Then he should have the few that are actually Omaha residents checked to see if their dogs are registered with updated rabies vaccinations, and if the owners have listed their dogs as pit bull or simply “boxer mixes”.

    He should then ask himself if he really thinks any of these people are going to errect a secure fence for their dog, or keep it leashed at all times. He should stop patronizing the victims of pit bull attacks by slapping together a sloppy, unenforcible ordinance in a lame attempt to shut everyone up, and put public safety first.

  2. "they often are transient (renters), don't own property, (or property of any significant value), are typically young, often have a criminal records"

    Exactly what I've observed in my community. A tiny percentage are responsible, normal people. The overwheling majority are not.

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