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5 thoughts on “Video: The Art of a Pit Bull Scaling a 6-Foot Fence

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  1. Wow….so if a 6ft chain link fence around a school playground won’t protect our children from pit bulls, our only other option would be to ban them.

    Thanks to the maker of this video for showing clearly why banning these dogs is a good idea.

  2. Begs the question, “What kind of a moron would TEACH a dog, and not just any dog but a potentially dangerous fighting breed of dog, to escape containment?”

  3. I don’t think you have to teach them. They can just do it, all you need to do is teach them to do it on command. Dogs evolved from tree-climbing animals.

    Imagine this dog living next-door!

  4. Now all this pit owner needs to do is teach the dog how to dodge police bullets. Mastering the art of escape is just the beginning.

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