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6 thoughts on “Systematic Failures in New York

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  1. New York City paid out $5Million last year on a Pit Bull claim.

    They knew the risk, but when animal control is obsessed with taking care of and placing their precious pit bulls, public safety goes out the window!

  2. Yesterday, I was in a pet store,”Jack’s Pet Store” in Richmnd, IN. There was a guy in there with a pit bull that must have went 80lbs. There seem to be no reason to subject the rest of us to this kind of danger. I could not imagine a store owner allowing this to go on. I’m sure is insurance would not approve.

  3. This could be THE MOTHER OF ALL LAWSUITS but for Henry that doesn’t mean squat.
    Spending one of the last few years of your life convalescing with only one limb left…there is NO amount of money that make this better. There no punishment that they can dole to the sleezy pervert pit bull owner that could come anywhere near being justice short of the electric chair.

  4. The fact that New York City has allowed pit bulls to continue on in this city despite the criminals that want them is reason enough this family should sue NYC into the East River. God bless the gentleman who sufferd this unspeakable tragedy.

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