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6 thoughts on “Family Pit Bull Named Scarface Attacks 7-Year Old

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  1. I guess we can now add the trampoline to the list of activities that trigger pit bulls:

    retrieving mail
    delivering mail
    taking out the trash
    reaching for your purse
    getting out of your car
    opening your front door
    walking snack sized dogs
    chewing gum

    And of course if you are unlucky enough to be a hooved animal, look out.

    Note to Mary Hart: better steer clear of pit bulls. Your voice could bring on more than just seizures.

  2. Pima Arizona…ain’t this where the humane society donated the Law Dogs from?

    That is after they got done euthing’ 90 percent (122 dogs)from the ADDR dogfighting, kiddie porn/illegal gun bust.

    just sayin…

  3. What type of a person names their dog Scarface, especially when it is a pit bull? Are they living under a rock?

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