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9 thoughts on “Bill Preventing Dog Breed Discrimination by Homeowner Insurers

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  1. You are right, the insurance companies will refuse to right policies. I would like to see if they can force a company to sell something if they don’t want to, or can not afford to sell it at a price where they can make a profit. The insurance people are a very powerful lobby, this wiil be very interesting to see how this pans out. I bet it doesn’t turn out bad for the Insurance Co., they are not going to sufer. People with the dangerous dogs will have to anty up, I’ll bet.

  2. Many insurance companies offer waivers to dogs in high risk categories if they have earned a CGC….but the pro-pit lobby doesn’t see that as a solution. They want to be able to keep dogs with dangerous temperaments, and they want the rest of us to pay for it.

    So, if the pro-pit lobby feels it’s un fair to single pit bulls out because the “majority” of pit bulls are such great dogs, then they should have no problem training their dogs in basic obedience and getting a CGC, right? If pit bulls are “trained” to be aggressive, then it should be a piece of cake to train them to pass the CGC.

    Insurance company rates are based on actuarial tables, not “discrimination”. Young drivers pay more for car insurance because they tend to have more accidents. There already exists a way for owners to prove their dog is safe, its just that the majority of pit bulls are unable to pass a CGC, or have owners who lack the ability or desire to train them.

  3. There is also high risk dog insurance available through certain companies…It is expensive though. You wanna play you gotta pay!

  4. It’s not up to the rest of us to subsidize pit bull owners. They CAN get insurance, they just have to pay more, or they have to PROVE their dog is safe by passing a basic training/temperament test. If someone desperately needs to own a pit bull, they will have to pay a bit more, or make an effort to train their dog. Sorry if that hurts the tender feelings of pit bull owners.

  5. The very nature of the insurance industry IS discrimination!!

    Single males under 25 yrs of age pay a higher premium than 30 yr old married women.
    Corvettes cost more to insure than mini vans.
    Red cars cost more more to insure than yellow cars.
    Two door sedans cost more to insure than 4 door sedans.
    Camrys more to insure than Grand Ams.

    IF ANYONE is capable of objectivity when it comes to the issue of dog breed and bite risk, it is the INSURANCE INDUSTRY!!


  6. AKC CGC is a VERY easy test! It was never meant to certify flawless behavior for a lifetime. Earning a CGC just means that your dog can pass an easy test ONCE. You wander around a little bit, pass another dog, stop and chat with another dog owner. The dog is not required to heel, have a flashy recall, drop on recall, formal stand for exam, group sits or downs, the test is a piece of cake. CGC should not be used to determine risk or insurance rates. I, as a responsible owner of an Obedience Titled, Certified Therapy Dog, do NOT want to subsidize insurance for pit bulls. I’m honestly still holding a grudge over the unreimbursed thousands of dollars I’m out since the attack. I don’t want to invest another single cent in pit bulls. Those who engage in high risk behaviors should pay for it.

  7. LMAO! Like the insurance companies are refsing to eagely collect premiums based upon false acturial risk…Assessing risk is their business!

  8. Wow..I haven’t heard about this dog insurance before. I’m wanting to get a retriever in a few months. It would be nice to know if there was a list of dogs that were considered high risk. I can think of a couple that would be like the pit bull etc.,

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