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6 thoughts on “Comment: Pit Bull Therapy Dogs May Frighten Disabled People

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  1. The Pit Nutters are going beserk over this one. Most of them just get the qual for a advocacy purposes. It’s almost as if they believe each therapy dog certification magically grows back a toddlers scalp.

    If only they would put this much energy into breeding safer dogs…

  2. That is exactly what I suspected; that pit bull “activists” would be motivated to do this for the wrong reasons. Therapy work is more about the people, and less about the dogs; the woman who does pet therapy at the nursing home my mother is in still comes to visit the residents, even after her dog passed away. The dog facilitates the visit, brings comfort, can have a calming effect, etc.; but it is the human member of the team who needs to make that connection with the people. Its not about, “Isn’t my dog pretty and nice, do you want to pet her?”, it isn’t a venue to show off your dog.

    The pit bull owners I encounter seem to be extremely narcissistic, and definitely NOT the type of people who would be doing therapy work for the sake of the residents. Honestly, if I thought pet therapy was something I would like to do, I would not get a large, fighting or guarding breed as a pet; regardless of how nice the dog’s temperament is, I would understand that some residents would be fearful. My primary concern would be for the residents comfort, but then I am not a pit bull owner with a political agenda and a chip on my shoulder.

  3. Excellent comment from the previous writer. Many people would be wary of a visiting pit bull. I know I would– I have a big hunk of me gone to a pit bull.

  4. I was in a pet store a few weeks back in Muncie, IN and a customer had a pit bull in there, must have weighed 75 lbs, I had to wait till the guy moved from the door so I could leave. I didn’t want to get close enough for the dog to get a chance at me. Once I saw the pit bull all I wanted was out of there.
    The store was called “Jack’s Pet Store”.

  5. How about this narcissistic owner:

    I can’t believe this woman has the gall to do something like this and say she is doing it to help people when we know she is just doing it for selfish reasons. One can only hope she sees the error of her ways.

  6. One more comment…..I am troubled by the frequent use of pictures of therapy pits and patients that are springing up all over the internet; most pet therapy teams do not take pictures of the patients due to privacy issues. There is often a lack of informed consent with residents of LTC facilities, and it is unethical to take picture of residents, especially those who may be disabled, and post them publicly.

    The website listed above has pictures of disabled children posing with pit bulls, with the main focus being on the pit bulls. I sincerely hope that the parents of every single child who appears in these pictures signed a consent form for this; in my public school system, we need to give written consent for ANY picture to be taken of our children. This is for safety and privacy reasons, because of the potential for sexual predators to gain information about a child, because of custody battles where a child could be kidnapped by an abusive non-custodial parent, to protect children who have entered the foster care system from being located by abusive family members, etc.

    Again, it appears the main goal of these organizations is pit bull advocacy, NOT the needs of the elderly and disabled. I would be FURIOUS if my disabled mothers picture appeared online, ANYWHERE, much less in a pit bull advocacy website.

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