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4 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Attacking in Tulsa; Animal Shelter Policy Reversal

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  1. My brother owns a rental property next door to a place where a pit bull lives, also a rental property, owned by the “Captain of the Fire Department” Phil Penn. This dog attacked the mailman recently and one of my brother’s renters saw the attack. This was the wife of a State Policeman. The mailman used maze on the dog and was not injured. The dog is still there. I guess it will be there until it kills someone.
    The State Policeman did go to the Animal Shelter, the woman there owns a pit bull and says they are the most wonderful dogs. So probably not much help there.

  2. Sheesh…How much does cleaning up the pit bull community’s mess cost the taxpayer?!!

  3. Jean Letcher, manager of the Tulsa Animal Shelter and supervisor of the city’s animal control officers, said people shouldn’t stereotype pit bulls as aggressive by nature.

    “I believe the aggressiveness is a combination of training and being bred to defend and protect property and/or an individual,” she said.

    I thought it didn’t matter that they were bred to kill other dogs. But in this article apparently it does matter what they are bred for. Only this woman(self proclaimed pitbull expert) seems to think they were bred as guard dogs.

    And this woman is in charge of placing dogs into people’s homes? Scary.

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