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One thought on “Pit Bull Leaps into Moving Vehicle, 3 Passengers Inside

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  1. Hey! I’ve heard of another breed doing this!

    A border collie trial dog spotted sheep skin seat covers in his driveway. He leaped in and jumped up and down on the seats, excitedly poking at them with his nose. When he realized his folly, he got his own sheepish expression and jumped out, but soon questioned the situation and tried moving them from the ground with the classic border collie crouch and stare.

    Racing, poking, and the crouch and stare are all a result of as much as a thousand years of selective breeding, ultimately refined within a few hundred years along the borders of Scotland and England. You cannot train a dog to do this. This is genetic destiny.

    If you have an aggressive dog that charges, bites, holds and shakes, you have a pit bull. It’s purely a matter of genetics. Period and done! But amazing how many people don’t get it or choose to believe differently!

    I suspect that to find this pit bull’s owner, they should be looking for a car that looks just like the one he jumped into. It’s a better ending that he performed something he learned, rather than what he was bred to do.

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