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8 thoughts on “Duncanville: Breed Ban Backed In Second Texas Town

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  1. Go Duncanville! I guess that “not human aggressive” argument keeps falling flat on its face. That’s gotta be hard to say out-loud when your breed of dog kills more humans than all other breeds combined. And I’m still trying to figure out why “animal aggressive” is okay. (If one comes after my animals, that pit bull sleeps with the fishes.)

  2. Here is an interesting article…

    Paul Miller, an expert on pitbulls, gave a lecture on the history and traits of the breed in Knoxville. Below is an excerpt from…..

    “Miller, the executive director of the Humane Society in Hagerstown, Md., and an expert on pit bulls, gave a public lecture Saturday at University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine on the history of the breed.

    He said in the past almost all pit bulls were bred to fight other dogs and never harm humans.

    Trait dilution in the breed since the 1980s has changed things.

    One pit bull might be happy in the company of other pets, he said. But another might attack humans with the same fight-to-kill mindset traditionally reserved for other dogs.”

  3. I think this is completely senseless. Statistically Rottweilers are responsible of 40% more fatal dog attacks than Pit bulls. I think people who support this cause should read more about facts and less about hype.

  4. let’s not be so quick to judge. I think we might need to look deeper into the comments of the idiot above. It could be that during a six month period in the year of 1992 that Rottweilers were responsible for 40% more fatal attacks than pit bulls in England.
    We have to read between the lines of these master of manipulators of statistics.

  5. Welcome to our guest sent by his Dogfighting/pit breeder puppet masters!

    There’s been one year in the past 20 when pits haven’t led in casket filling.

    Either this guy is a liar or an embecile…I suspect he is the latter and just parrots what the dogmen tell him to.

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