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2 thoughts on “Comment: Use All Resources to Crack Down on Irresponsible Pit Bull Owners

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  1. I hope Omaha council members realize they will now be subject to hundreds of e-mails from around this country from pit bull activists. Saying the tired old lines “irresponsible owner” is at fault– they will never discuss genetics.Leaders this dog belongs to a class of fighting dogs. The other breeds are not in the same ball park. The other breed owners had better start to understand this is a national problem now in its 22nd year. The pit bull has already hurt the relationship Americans have with dogs and if this continues another decade or two then you might have to worry about Americans putting up with your breed.

  2. Kudos to the author of this….the important thing to realize is that the owners of these dogs are often delusional. I am sure the owner would describe the dogs aggressive behavior as “Oh, they just wanted to play! They were just coming over to say hi! You are just overreacting because they are pit bulls!”.

    When a pit bit my friend, on her own property, the owner rationalized that she was just playing and that my friend…a lifelong dog owner…had just “misunderstood”.

    I would put the fear of G*d into these absentee landlords….make it clear that you will sue them for every cent they are worth if any harm comes to your family. A short note from your attorney may even help your case.

    Don’t give up!

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