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One thought on “Three Pit Bulls Bust Out of Enclosure, Attack Boy

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  1. Elementary really! Pits are 14 times more likely than other breeds to break containment and attack.

    We see this nearly everyday…sigh.

    “In the Lockwood & Rindy study(1987), 42 percent of pit bull attacks involved dogs that were fenced, chained or inside prior to the incident. Another 14% involved dogs jumping fences or breaking chains. For bites involving other breeds, 26.7 were similiarly restrained, BUT ONLY 1% involved breaking restraint.”,M1

    There needs to be a study done on pits and gardening aggression..Over the past few years,several grandmothers have been killed while gardening, with one actually pulled off riding lawnmower. I wonder if the constant bending down sends a signal that the grandmother is another matchdog that is looking for a fight?

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