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4 thoughts on “Roaming Pit Bulls Destroyed After Killing 7 Pet Goats

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  1. Has anyone got any breed specific data on how many domestic pets are killed by pit bulls? Pit Bull owners seem to be responsible for the deaths of so many animals..dogs, cats, horses, other livestock. I understand that loose and roaming dogs, especially groups of dogs in a pack, can attack and kill livestock…but by far, pit bulls seem to be the breed most commonly responsible.

  2. I would like to know this as well. It’s hard enough to get them to track people attacks, so I doubt they track animal ones. Maybe individual towns have numbers like that, but there is no central place to gather them. Even if they just tracked the horse attacks as horses are such large animals. A horse group in England is asking for people to contact them about dog attacks. I would be interesting in what they find.

  3. The Petcare/Breeder Lobby was successful in terminating dog attack data collection at the federal level around the year 2000.

    In the absence of data they thrive.

  4. I know the first time my English Setter saw a horse, walking by in a parade….his tail went so far between his legs, I thought he would sprain it. He cowered a little, then looked at me as if to say….”Good, Lord, thats the biggest friggin dog I have ever seen! Get me out of here!”

    But, nah, there can’t be any breed specific reason why a pit bull, in the same position, would decide…”Wow! Whatever that is, I am going to rip it’s throat out!”

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