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7 thoughts on “Help Track Pit Spamming

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  1. One easy way to check….if you google “bsl alert”, you will find many web sites that post where BSL is proposed. Go into any dog chat forum or blog, like the forum, there is also a section to post communities proposing BSL; sometimes its listed under “advocacy”. Also go into any pit bull discussion forum, you can often find a bsl alert section
    there; then look for a recommended links section, where you will find links to all the other pit bull forums, and you can check there.

    I goggled “Whitehall ohio bsl” and got several hits…

    I could keep going….send this to the Whitehall community…tell them to simply google it like I did….its really scary how many hits you get. It is very clear that they are being targeted by the for profit breeder lobby. Let city officials know what is going on, and that they need to limit discussion on the matter to residents only; have a town meeting, and make people show ID when they show up. If this is a local safety issue, let local residents have their say.

  2. Sorry…I guess Whitehall already knows they have been targeted.

    Simple solution…any town that proposes BSL….google the name of the town, and BSL. All the links will come up…often with the contact information for city officials. could simply send that info to the mayor/town manager, or whoever proposed the regulation, so they realize where the opposition is coming from.

    Also, Dogsbite could include a link to this site which lists successful BSL legislation across the country, so they could use an exsisting ordinance as a template. It’s also important that small towns realize that BSL has been upheld as constitutional in many places, even when challenged….another tactic of the pro-pit lobby is to threaten small, financially strapped towns with lawsuits to intimidate them.

  3. Excellant idea. I bet we could find proof on every pit bull lovers forum and blog that this occurs.

  4. I like this quote:

    “No, no, no, it did not catch me off guard,” said Hartley, who served 28 years in the Ohio House of Representatives. “I found out a long time ago, people cared a lot more about animals than they do about children.”

  5. I have noticed the same on dogforums in Holland. Every forum that’s not for a specific breed is dominated by pitbull-owners who spread their mantra’s. Scaring everybody else away.
    Ofcourse the dogs are not real pitbulls as they were up to now a forbidden breed. They just look exactly like them. Poor dogs.

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