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9 thoughts on “Biscuits and Bath Spa May Soon Oust Pit Bulls

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  1. I wonder if Biscuits & Bath’s liability carrier knows CEO Scott Smith is stuck on stupid. “The type of dog is irrelevant,” isn’t what you want to hear if you’re an insurer or client. Hopefully the 200K law suit will help him clear his head.

  2. Mr. Smith will pay a lot more than the $200,000! His liability coverage will undoubtedly rise due to this. It seems only insurance folks and owners of dogs like Diesel that truly understand the cost of a dog that has been bred for hundreds of years to be “animal-aggressive.”

  3. It just illustrates once again how delusional so many pit bull owners are….they bring a fighting breed to an off-leash doggy daycare!

    Pit bull owners simply can’t be trusted….it has been proven again and again.

  4. As the late Johnny Cochran might say…

    “If you won’t discriminate,…Then you must COMPENSATE!!”

  5. Unfortunately, too many pit bull owners have bought into the breeder lobby’s propaganda, and actually believe that if they raise and train their pit bull properly, it will forget its genetic destiny.

  6. You’re right anonymous, they can’t be trusted. That’s exactly what they ask us to do – trust them that they will be responsible. Then they bring their dogs to doggie day care and dog parks. They either don’t know they shouldn’t or they are delusional to think their dog is better than the breed characteristics. Either way, the rest of us have to wise up: before leaving your dog ANYWHERE ask if pit bulls will be there too. They start losing business, they’ll stop the discrimination nonsense. I’m tired of everyone catering to the pit bull owners like no one else matters.

  7. There is a seemingly nice lady in my suburban neighborhood, who I often see walking a pit bull. No doubt she, like many other naive suburbanites, has been duped by some dog rescue or shelter into believing “its all how you raise them”.

    I watch her struggle to train this dog in basic leash manners and obedience. I walked past her last week with my dog, and immediately put my dog in a sit/stay and told him to “watch me”; I constantly work on attention getting exersizes with him. She seemed exasperated, and complimented my dog…she told me that treats did not work with her dog, as he strained his leash toward my dog. I suggested toys…maybe she could use his play drive. She said toys didn’t work either. It was quite clear that the dog had a very strong drive to “get at” other dogs, and this overrode all his other senses and training.

    I wonder what will become of this dog…he is young and already showing a potential for dog aggression. No amount of love or patience or training is going to eliminate this drive. The owner faces years of misery trying to manage that dogs behavior. I doubt she knew what she was getting into when she got him.

    That is why I find the pro-pit lobby so despicable..they deliberately mislead people into thinking that these dogs are easy keepers, and in doing so they put innocent people andtheir pets at risk.

  8. Well said anonymous.

    The only thing I can suggest is printing out some literature from pit bull rescue web sites that say pit bulls are genetically dog aggressive and give it to her to read along with their contact information. They might be able to steer her towards a trainer experienced in pit bulls, or at least tell her the facts that most advocates won’t. Start here:

  9. The nice lady’s ignorance actually makes that dog more of a safety threat.

    Get a break stick or a gun quick!!

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