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2 thoughts on “Attacks on Livestock by Pit Bulls in Aiken County

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  1. I doubt the SPCA used snares… very effective for trapping pit bulls. Use cable snares with a ‘Deer Stop.’ The Stop is a crimp on the loop of the cable that keeps the cable from sliding tight enough to catch a deer’s leg or horse hoof. A short catch pole and wire cutter is all that’s needed to free unintended catches, but pit bulls can be humanely dispatched in the snare. Dispatching the pit bull provides for the trappers safety and eliminates the probability the dog will have consecutive opportunities to kill or injure pets and children.

  2. Clearly it’s time for legislatures to pass laws requiring livestock owners to build fortresses around their flocks….

    This will keep the stigmatizing of Pit Bull owners to a minimum and leave their civil rights to own bull baiting dogs unassualted.

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