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6 thoughts on “Roseville Woman Mourns Pets Killed in Dog Attack

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  1. now THIS story as opposed to the following story of the owner attacked in spokane, is tragic.

    kill the dogs, kill the owner.

  2. I can’t believe they will actually consider returning the dogs to their owner! The owner didn’t already demonstrate enough irresponsibility? Is the thinking, “Let’s see IF it happens again?” Or is it more like, “Let’s see WHEN it happens again?” Outrageous!

    Put the dogs down. Jail the owner. Let a civil trial determine the cash value of the victim’s loss.

    When you own a pit bull, it isn’t a matter of *dogs will be dogs.* It’s a matter of mismanaging a deadly weapon to the detriment of another. If it were a gun, the prison term would be years long.

  3. i found a few interesting comments about the mass murder at this link:
    some low life piece of garbage from turlock CA that goes by the name of Amberrr64 had this to say:

    “I love Pitbulls. Maybe your fence should have been repaired long ago. Maybe you shouldnt let little snack sized mini dogs run around unwatched at night.”

    then this idiot that actually has the gall to go by the name of Animal Lover in roseville CA chimed in:

    “I’m with you, Amberrrr. I’ll bet these were some yappy **** dogs that annoy the heck out of other neighbors. They were probably asking for it.”

    pit nutters showing their true colors

  4. Good to see these pitnutters publicly express what they all feel deep down inside. When one makes the leap to obtin a Pit Bull over all other breeds, they’ve calculated that the neighborhood dogs are worthless, expendable curs.

  5. You oughta see the pro-pit-breeding crowd scurry like flies when they're presented with the success of San Francisco. They usually run crying to their hero Mr. Winograd.

  6. I have lived here for 15 years…and there is a 1 year old female pit that lives next door. I don't even go in my back yard anymore because she goes to the fence like she is going to pull it down to get to me and my dogs. Yesterday went out to plant three tomato plants….same thing…owners were out there too and she was grabbed down….It is scary. She doesn't want to much to get to my dogs but to me.
    The owners come from a planet other than ours so talking to them doesn't work. I am going to get a camera movie this week and I am going to send it to Animal Control. Unfortunately there is only 2.5 officers for our huge populas of skunks, possums, barking dogs…farel cats…and and and….That is likely why the pitbul issue is allowed. I am fearful for me and that is so wrong…I make my house payment and the dog????????????????

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